26 in 2010

Every year, I try and make a sort of to do list for the upcoming year. They’re not so much resolutions and most aren’t even goals but it’s a fun sort of thing to do. This year, my list has 48 items and while most of them aren’t very fun for sharing, some are worth highlighting like my 26 in 2010 project.

The What

This year, I would like to read 26 books– A – Z by Author. I figure next year I can try A – Z by Title if this first version works out well.

The How

In order to do this, I have to rekindle my relationship with the library (today). I will be dropping by after work, pay the $2 in fees I owe, and roam the library, touching spines, reading those tiny descriptions.

I also would like book recommendations as I find it fascinating to see what kind of books others enjoy and why. I like to read almost everything. I love fiction and am even open to a REALLY good chick-lit suggestion because it’s one genre I’ve never really touched. For non-fiction, throw me some biographies, histories, and art books. I’m not keen on self-help right now, I don’t care at all for relationships, and I’m all set with how-to (except maybe gardening, another to do post for another day).

This, in case you haven’t done the math yet, also requires some intense reading. I am basically setting myself up to read one book every two weeks. It should be an attainable schedule since I have the tendency to devour books in a matter of days, and in some cases mere hours.

The Why

I love to read. I also enjoy writing, but I find more motivation and pleasure in doing writing when I’m doing lots of reading. Reading is a really enriching experience. I honestly can’t recommend it enough to everyone– especially myself. I always want to read more and I figure this is a great way to motivate and focus.

The Who

If you’d like to play, please do let me know! If the full 26 is daunting, maybe you can do a slimmer version like a book a month or half the alphabet at a pace of one book every 4 weeks. And please don’t forget to leave me some suggestions.


2 thoughts on “26 in 2010

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