Happy Thoughts: Here Are the Things Proven To Make You Happier

I was going to write about something different today, something not entirely different. I was going to write about changes. But I read this and this is SO good, I had to share.

It turns out that happiness is easy but depression is easier, especially if you have made it your habit. I really hope you find this as informative as I did. I want to wallpaper my home with it.

The time has come

To leave WordPress.com and be my own independent little blog. So here’s the deal. I have signed up for webhosting and will be attempting to transfer from here to there some time between tonight and Sunday. Once transferred, I will make a post saying so. If Monday rolls around and you haven’t seen a post after this one in whatever way you choose to read little ol’ me, you have somehow lost me which makes me sad. I don’t think this will be an issue because I think many of you are subscribed to www.mutantsupermodel.com and not mutantsupermodel.wordpress.com. That being said, if you’re subscribed to that last one, I am definitely going to lose you so please make sure you update. And if you’re subscribed to the first one and you don’t see me by Monday, please try signing up with me again. If any of you amazing people link to me in your blogrolls, now is the time to double-check the link you have for me is that first one, not that last one.

OK, here goes nothing. Wish me luck!!

ETA: The transfer is complete. If you haven’t seen the I DID IT post, you’re feed is not working. Email me if you are lost and confused!