Re: MutantSupermodel

Welcome to my collection of thoughts. Below, you will find a  summary of facts regarding me that provide the underlying foundation to me: this blog’s Creator, Owner, Manager, and Administrative Assistant. If the below itemization is not sufficient, please feel free to contact me with your inquiry and I will do my best to construct some sort of response- brilliant or otherwise. Especially spectacular suggestions or questions will likely be included in future incarnations of this page.

Re: Love

As of St. Patrick’s Day 2011, I am officially divorced.  I’m currently in a relationship with a great man who I’ve known for many years and am quite a happy, well-loved Mutant.

Re: Family

The Ex and I brought three children into this planet during the seven years we were involved. Some were even born when we were married. They are, in the order of their birth: MutantEldest, MutantDaughter, and MutantBaby. They range in age from eight years to three. My family is incredibly supportive, helpful, and active in my life and that of my kids. MutantMom, MutantDad, and MutantAbuela do a fair share of helping me care for the kids. MutantWino and MutantPirate are my two brothers who also contribute to the care of the MutantChildren and are especially adept at making me smile.

Re: Employment

I work at a University coordinating a medical conference. Previously, I’ve held jobs at elevator companies, music stores, event production companies, printing companies, telecommunications companies, and even had my own small business importing super cute Japanese trinkets.

Re: Hobbies

The things I do in my spare time generally tend to be reading and crocheting. Crocheting is a fairly new hobby I’ve picked up. Before then, I was an ok knitter and before that I was a better than average scrapbooker. When it comes to reading, I do really enjoy books but also devour blogs aplenty. I am also excellent at shopping.  I am an avid debt repayer, enthusiastic expense tracker, and all-around savvy deal-finder. Finally, I tend to always do any or all of the above while listening to excellent music. My taste ranges all over the place but primarily settles around Hip Hop, Rock, Classic Rock, and otherwise impossible to classify but very good music. The one thing I absolutely adore splurging on is an excellent dinner at a fantastic restaurant.

Re: Dislikes

There is no pretending I am an all-around pleasant person 100% of the time. While I do make an effort at putting smiles on faces around me, things happen to discourage me from that sort of thing. These things usually linger in my corner of dislikes and include, but are not limited to: lying, dramatics, spoiled food, dirty diapers, fighting, bickering, tattling, huge messes, dirty dishes, pots, and pans, idiotic driving, too many questions, overly personal discussions, things on the floor, weeds, rudeness, being ignored, and repeating myself.

Re: Random Items that may or may not matter

At ten years old, I was hospitalized. They found my appendix severely infected, operated on me, and the bloody thing burst. I was in the hospital over a week recovering. It was during Valentine’s Day. I had a miserable time in Middle School and cut the cord with practically every relationship I’d had there by choosing to go to a high school only two other fellow students would be attending. I have always gotten along better with men than women and believe Other Women are a woman’s worst enemy. The very first time I did what is now known as blogging was in October of 2002 on Diaryland which I maintained until May 2006. I love chocolate very much in all of its forms. One thing I wish I had more of is flowers and, in general, a green thumb. I am often dismayed at my lack of the Domestic Diva gene my mother clearly possesses.