Coloriffic Swap O Rama October Part Two Theme: Purple & Orange

I’m having Livejournal issues. Hmmm. ANYWAYS. My October Swaporama is packed up and waiting to be shipped to… somewhere in the US. Thank god because apparently my September package was taken hostage by Portuguese customs officials or something. Assholes. I’ve decided to resend her something in a week or so cause she’s been SO damn nice to me and it just blows. Some other girl ranted at Swaporama today about how disappointed she was in the package she got this month. Hmmm that’s sad. I’ve abandoned swapping communities a million times– quietly. And I’ve always been gracious to those who’ve sent me things and yeah so some times you get things that don’t work for you but by far I get more good stuff than not. Lucky? I don’t think so. I think there are more good people out there than not and really I’m not a picky person so it’s a good combination you know? OK fine I’ll stop complaining about other people complaining and just show you pics of the goods I’m sending. Sounds like a plan? Sweet. All of this is going and the bracelet I posted yesterday.


I found time to make things!

Well somehow I managed to get in some serious crunch craft time and finished all of the handmades for the swaps I needed to send out. For Coloriffic, I also made a set of notecards but it has her name all over it so I won't show those. I also want to make a cd but I am out of blank cds!!! I'll put the playlist for it at the bottom anyways. Now if only I can manage to finish off that purse! I still have a bit to do this weekend though. I have to wrap up my sister in law's gifts and make her cake for which I have to go and buy the ingredients I forgot. And now I'm wondering if I should make cupcakes instead of the cake version. Decisions!

Project Spectrum July Card:

Coloriffic Swap O Rama:

Coloriffic Playlist

1) Judy Garland- Over the Rainbow
2) Nena- 99 Red Balloons
3) Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe- Rainbow Country
4) REM- Orange Crush
5) Ramones- She Talks to Rainbows
6) Coldplay- Yellow
7) Carpenters- The Rainbow Connection
8) Faithless- Evergreen
9) Donna Summer- I'm a Rainbow
10) Squirrel Nut Zippers- Blue Angel
11) Elvis Presley- Pocketful of Rainbows
12) Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington- Mood Indigo
13) The Rolling Stones- She's a Rainbow
14) Madonna & Orbit- Ray of Light Ultra Violet Mix
15) Judy Garland- I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

In My Life

Ellia invited me to join the Flickr group In My Life and I went ahead and dove in because I'd been eyeing it for a bit anyways and was enjoying seeing it show up all over blogs. Yesterday was supposed to be a normal day so I decided to do it then and then we ended up having an impromptu play date. So I did it anyways! Here is morning, noon, afternoon, and night.

You know, the other day we were all in the car coming home from I forget where and I suddenly blurt out, "I need friends." And J looked at me and laughed and asked, "What you don't like our friends anymore?" And it's not that at all. I adore my friends but well they meet different needs and yet all of my needs aren't met with just them. Does this make sense? I guess the biggest thing I'm lacking is a fellow mother friend. Right now I have several mother aquaintances. And that's nice but it's not the same. Yesterday I went to my friend's house for play date. Let me explain about her. She was actually my boss years and years ago when I got my first official job at Blockbuster music. We hit it off so well and worked together for about three years I think it was. Well after I left the music store and stuff I fell out of touch with her and more so when the stores closed down and I lost contact with her. Then a couple of years ago we ran into each other at Joann's. And lo and behold we both had little boys. Her son is about six months younger than Eldest. Well we exchanged info and for whatever reason didn't do anything. So one day I joined a meetup for stay at home moms and while chatting and stuff I suddenly realized that one of the members was HER. We were so excited and we went to a meetup together and had a riot. And then I was kicked out of the group for not attending enough events. LMAO yes I was kicked out of playgroup. Too cool for playgroup people! Too cool! Well this time we stayed in tough through email and we got together a couple of times. She came to Eldest's second birthday, we went to her son's second birthday, we went to the park one time, and yesterday we went to her house. And it was SO NICE. So she totally made my day when she told me she is starting her own playgroup that will be very small, about five moms, all with kids 2 – 3 years old who play nice together. We'd mostly meet at each others homes and stuff. She wants to do things like felt board and all kinds of activities. I am so uber excited about that. We had such a nice afternoon. Eldest was LOVING it. He threw a huge tantrum when it was time to go. But I mean it was nice talking to someone who I get along with already about all of these things that we're both going through. And you get the same feeling from the internet but it's just a little different in person. Does any of this make sense? Is this something you guys can relate to? It's just so much easier to cope with things or stick to things when people you know are going through it too or learning too or doing it too. And the blogs do provide some of that on a certain level. Oh my god I get great emails from some of you and I LOVE reading your blogs and I LOVE reading your comments and in a way for me that's just the beginning of satisfying what I need, you know? I guess in a way meeting all of you amazing people has made me want to find people to connect with here even MORE. I'm sorry this went on such a random tangent but I've been meaning to post about this whole want of mine for a while now and the playdate yesterday totally cemented that for me.

On a completely different note, here is the package I am sending for Coloriffic Swap O Rama August. The color motif is rainbow. The handmade items are not there.

Movies and Books

What else is there to do really when summers are unbearably hot, humid, and even worse- rainy as hell? Stay indoors with the a/c and read, watch movies, and craft- right? I've never been much of a TV person but lately it's really convenient to sit in front of the boob tube while nursing Daughter or while soothing her in the carrier. I also have been caught with her on my chest and me knitting above her. 🙂

I watched two movies the other night that are so excellent. The first was Saved! which is actually a few years old and I've seen it before. This movie is excellent. First of all, it's freaking hysterical. Second of all, it's hard to find a movie featuring high school students that also showcases an extremely powerful message. Saved! is one of those rare exceptions. I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten to 12th grade and even though the school featured is not Catholic, the basic undercurrents are the same. Sadly too many Christians take the movie incredibly personally and can't get past the satirical aspect immediately going into defensive mode. They miss the whole point of the movie which is wading through everything to get to the truth of what it takes to be a good person. Yes there are cliches. Yes there are stereotypes. Yes there is a level of predictability to it. But really, finding movies without any of those things is incredibly rare if not impossible especially in the comedy genre. It is really just good fun to watch and there are definitely scenes and lines that make your brain do a double-take (I have the bible-throwing scene in mind in particular).

Then I was lucky enough to see that Finding Neverland came on right after. I've been waiting to since this movie since it came out. J is not interested at all so it was perfect that it came on at 2 in the morning when the only stirring creatures in this house were myself and Daughter. Oh hell what a movie. So beautiful!! And it had so many levels and things going on. I love the creative process being portrayed. Like the bell attached to the kite bringing forth Tinkerbell and the grandmother as Captain Hook? Priceless! And of course I cried like a hormonal disaster. I mean here I am holding my sleeping newborn girl and watching a movie about mortality and really it was one of those situations where I had to force myself to not think too much because I was really close to just sobbing like a fiend. Hooray hormones! When it was over it occurred to me I've never read Peter Pan and that frustrated me greatly so it's at the top of my list of must-reads.

Speaking of books, I ordered two knitting books the other day. One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet and Stich n' Bitch Nation. SNBN is mighty thick so I haven't skimmed it yet. I skimmed One Skein though and I can tell you you won't be seeing any of those projects here for a while yet. Almost every project in the book calls for circular needles and/or double pointed needles. I am not opposed to using those but I'm not comfortable doing it yet. Also, it uses stitches I haven't learned yet like cable and seed. I'll get there but I'm really enjoying myself mastering the basics with fun projects that are easy and straightforward. SNBN looks really fun but I think I noticed that there is no indication of level on the projects. Am I right? They don't tell you if something is easy, intermediate, or advanced? I find that frustrating. But it's a minor thing. I'm going to sit and leaf through it now as my hands are a bit achey right now.

In unrelated news. Coloriffic August is Rainbow themed. How cool is that!?! I'm having a blast looking around for ideas and inspiration. Here's some cute stuff I've seen so far.

I actually LOVE all of this stuff. The last top with the dots is my favorite and the necklace too. Yummy!! I forgot how much I love rainbows. 🙂 I've loved them since I was a little girl and then they kinda got shelved in the back of the brain.

Colorifficness and other things

I’m heading to the post office today with my coloriffic package. It’s heading to Europe. I had a really good time getting it together. For the handmade I made a set of personalized notecards and I made a cd of brown and blue music. I would’ve loved to do something more complicated like a freezer stencil purse or something but with the baby here I just haven’t been able to go to the store for supplies and stuff so I had to make do with my stash. The smudges at the bottom of the card are not really there I just photoshopped them on so I could hide her name.

In baby world, Daughter must be going through a growth spurt. She went from waking up every three to even four hours to waking up every two, two and a half hours to eat. YIKES! And I know I’ve mentioned that Eldest won’t kiss or hug her yet. As a matter of fact if I’m holding her and he wants to hug me, he’ll hug me on the side she’s not on. But I know he loves her very much and he’s been wonderful. He even got her to take a pacifier so she could nap. She just won’t take it from me- probably cause she knows I’ve got the real deal and am holding back on her!

Hell Night

Ok tonight has been the night from hell and yes I know it’s not over yet. J went to see Superman tonight so he was home for maybe an hour and spent a good portion of that showering and getting dressed to go out. I’ve had the kids to myself all day today and his defense is that I had visitors this afternoon- my mom and both of my grandmothers and I had visitors tonight- my sister in law, her little cousin who’s in town, and a friend of ours with her 4 month old baby. The thing is that visitors, even relatives, don’t necessarily mean I get a break. OK yes they entertain Eldest but that doesn’t mean I get to relax. Eldest actually tends to act up MORE with visitors. And with visitors here I really can’t get extra sleep or anything so I try and catch up on chores and things.

Tonight was just wild. It started around 9 when Daughter just started crying and crying and I had just fed her maybe an hour before. I fed her again because nothing else would soothe her. It was actually funny- my friend and I were both nursing at the same time under these privacy capes. We should’ve taken a picture. Anyways, she left and then my sister in law and the cousin were leaving. That’s when things started getting nutty. Eldest decided he was suddenly scared of them and didn’t want to kiss them goodbye or anything. And the thing is, we’ve talked about this with him. He is usually so affectionate with them and then suddenly he gets cranky and doesn’t want to be nice to people because he doesn’t want them to leave. So I had to get tough with him and he wouldn’t bend so it was timeout for him twice in a row. That led to more screaming and crying which set Daughter off.

After timeouts were over, it was bath time. I got Eldest into the tub and I got Daughter in hers. While Eldest played and washed himself, I washed Daughter. As he picked up his bath toys, I got her in a diaper and wrapped her snug in a towel. I got him out of the tub, drained hers, and got Eldest to the bedroom and diapered. Then while he got on his pajamas I got Daughter into hers. Daughter relaxed on her tummy while we finished getting Eldest into his pajamas and his new Elmo slippers. Somewhere along there I had to give him ANOTHER timeout because he started putting his feet by Daughter’s head trying to touch her hair with his toes. He got mad I wouldn’t let him and SMACKED ME. I cannot for the life of me remember the last time Eldest smacked me out of frustration or anger. Seriously! And of course he cried when he went into timeout shaking Daughter out of her tummy time reverie and setting her off- again. Finally it was time for bed and so I got him his milk and a bedtime story. Daughter cried through the whole damn thing which flustered me so bad I really messed up his routine. I didn’t turn on the nightlight at first, I totally forgot the radio, the milk was left on the train table, and when I went to kiss him goodnight? He threw another tantrum because I only read the story once. We always read the story once. Daughter? Still crying. I kissed him good night and told him I loved him and left the room and closed the door while he cried and yelled some more. I took Daughter to my room, shut the door, and worked on soothing her. Then I realized I had never given Eldest his milk, it was in his room somewhere. So I went back in there and handed it to him and said good night again and left again. He was quiet. Good. I quieted down Daughter. Excellent. And then? Eldest finished his milk and started up again. And so did Daughter.

Do you get the picture? It was like this until about 11 something. I fed Daughter again and put her to sleep in her bassinette and Eldest finally fell asleep and I ran away down here to vent. I should be sleeping along with them but honestly I’m so damn FRAZZLED that I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to.

Today, as if some divine intervention, I got my Coloriffic Swap package. This brought such a huge smile to my face I can’t even begin to explain it. My sender was the amazing Lisa from Lo Sabia (I knew that!). Everything was beautifully wrapped. Every item was thoughtful and wonderful. She put a little tag on everything telling me a little something about it. Turns out, she’s been lurking on this here blog (hi lisa)! I didn’t know I had lurkers! The package also included some BEAUTIFUL handmade items. I really can’t gush enough. Here are SOME pictures of SOME of the goodies.

(This, by the way, was the bedtime story tonight. It is a REALLY cute story and book- he really liked it!!)

And for fun, here is a picture of Eldest in his pajamas modeling his new Elmo slippers and if you look closely at his hand you’ll see he quickly confiscated one of my swap items. ^_^

Get it right get it tight

So I went ahead and woke up this morning still pregnant and still not in labor. Want to die laughing at the hormonal preggo? I almost cried when I realized that LOL! But I regained my composure from those insane hormones and took a shower, got dressed, and had a yum breakfast. J left to get Eldest at his inlaws and to take him to the movies. I went ahead and ran some errands. I went to the post office to drop off my recent orders. And then I decided I'd just go ahead and get all the shopping for Coloriffic July over with today because I didn't want to stress about it anymore and I didn't want it hanging over me at the end of the month when things will surely turn blurry. So I finished the shopping part. I just have to do the handmade and I have a few ideas. We'll see how they go. I took a picture of the bought goodies. I have to say, I really love the color coordination. It's SO COOL. Look!

All I have to do is figure out the wrapping part. I'll have to find some blue and brown tissue paper and ribbon and be done that way. And then it's the handmade. *I* think she'll like it. I hope she does at least.

I also picked up some yarn at Joann's for myself because it was yelling at me to buy it. So I listened. Always listen when the yarn speaks. ^_^ So here's the thing. The baby blanket? Is a no go. I started putting the squares I had finished together and oh man. I don't know if it's because I wanted it to work so bad or what, but when I started matching them up together I realized that first of all they weren't really squares at all but more like rectangles. And they were not the same size. Some, not even close. So I'm giving up that particular baby blanket. I will knit a baby blanket, but I'm pretty sure it will be one of the ones in Knitting for Baby that is done on circular needles (which will be another first for me). For now, I'm going to content myself with making the Garter Stitch Baby Hat and the Beginner Booties in Moda Dea Cartwheel in Neapolitan- the yarn I bought at Joann's. I don't have the size 7 needles the booties need so I started on the hat. And I have Eldest's seal to work on too. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I'm trying to make him the seal from World of Knit Toys. Here are those two projects.

The Moda Dea I'm making the hat and booties with is the first time that I work with wool. I figure since it's something like a hat and booties I probably won't have to worry much about it getting dirty although yes I realize I probably just jinxed myself. I was really nervous at first because the Cartwheel type of yarn is kinda funky- thick and thin at varying parts. Well, I love it. And I haven't been having any problems with it sticking on the bamboo needles like I was having with the baby blanket. See? The blanket was cursed. Bad Baby Blanket!

I also took a nap today with my little boy. And ate more eggplant parmesan. And also, I've completely given up. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not but when I went to the doctor last week, they scheduled me for an induction. Size is a concern of theirs and I trust my doctor. So we agreed to give her a few days but on Monday I have to go in for the stress test and she's scheduled for an induction on Wednesday, June 14. So there. I give up. That's when she's coming. The only sucky part is that is when my sister in law leaves to Atlanta to work an event in my place. She's the godmother and the aunt. Poop. But yeah, I guess I'll just come to terms with it. Eldest was an unplanned  induction so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to handle it but still I didn't like being induced last time and I don't like the idea of it this time, but I also understand my doctor's point of view and I trust him completely as my labor with Eldest was really a good one. I was a bit worried about the NST but I did some reading up on it and feel better about it. Except lying for an hour sounds more annoying than fun. Ok time to get off the computer– my hands and feet are swollen again. YUCK.