Single Parent Blogs

First and foremost, you’re not alone. The most common denominator I find with single parents is the loneliness. There’s the feeling that no one understands you, no one can relate to your experiences, no one even knows how to act around you. No one wants to bother you because they know you’re so busy so your phone never rings and you never step foot outside the door to do fun stuff with people who are not your children.

Parent blogs, in general, give something you may be able to relate to but I have found it’s the blogs of other single parents that have me nodding my head over and over again. It’s reading single parent blogs like these below that get me thinking “Me too!”

I hope you enjoy these bloggers as much as I do and if you would like to be included in this collection, please contact me at msmutantsupermodel at gmail dot com. I try and keep the list current and give the bloggers a bit of time because I know single parenthood is time-consuming. If I feel a blog has gone WAY too long without an update, I’ll remove it very sadly.

  1. And Mommy Makes 3
  2. Back to Allen
  3. Beauty and the Biker
  4. Bubblegum on my Shoe
  5. Christina Majaski
  6. Confessions of a Single Mum
  7. Creating Motherhood
  8. Daily Plate of Crazy
  9. Getting us There
  10. Graceful Retirement
  11. Juggling Single Motherhood
  12. Life with Eliza
  13. Mom and Her Drill
  14. Momma and the Misters
  15. Ms. Single Mama
  16. Not Supermum
  17. Not Your Average Single Mama
  18. NYC Single Mom
  19. Only Parent Chronicles
  20. The Pepperrific Life
  21. Raising Peanut
  22. Really Jennie
  23. Rich Single Momma
  24. Sex, Lies, and Bacon
  25. Single Mama NYC
  26. Single Mom, Rich Mom
  27. The Single Mom’s Dating Diary
  28. Something Undone
  29. So Over This
  30. Student of Motherhood
  31. Surviving and Thriving
  32. Surviving Law School as a Single Mom
  33. Tech Savvy Butterfly
  34. This may be a Dream Come True
  35. Three Little Birds
  36. Tripping Mom
  37. Two Chicks and a Hen

16 thoughts on “Single Parent Blogs

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  2. Thank you for the link! I’d like to suggest that single mums come by between Fridays and Mondays, at least, because I announce a giveaway every Friday and pick the winner on Monday evening.

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  5. Hey girl, thanks for listing me here! 🙂 I think one of the problems I encounter in conjunction with the phone “never ringing” is that sometimes friends who are NOT parents can’t understand why I don’t have time for them! Working full time, taking care of my son, my house, my self, while at the same time maintaining relationships with friends and family means that seeing certain friends or chatting with them on the phone is on the bottom of my list! Not that I DON’T want to see everyone. I do!

    Hmmmm, sounds like I may need to vent in a blog post….

    Love ya and thanks for all your support too….


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  7. I had started a series of articles for problems divorced fathers re denial parental rights and visitation and how to handle holidays and other male parenting skills and problems. The worst is that sexual molestation accusations and all the legal nightmare and personal devastation that ensues. The mag bought two articles and then went bust. Just when you find an editor that likes your stuff.

    • That is a topic that needs a lot more focus and attention. I get very frustrated with parents who abuse each other with total disregard for the child. I don’t care if it’s mom or dad they both need to be more responsible and selfless

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