I found time to make things!

Well somehow I managed to get in some serious crunch craft time and finished all of the handmades for the swaps I needed to send out. For Coloriffic, I also made a set of notecards but it has her name all over it so I won't show those. I also want to make a cd but I am out of blank cds!!! I'll put the playlist for it at the bottom anyways. Now if only I can manage to finish off that purse! I still have a bit to do this weekend though. I have to wrap up my sister in law's gifts and make her cake for which I have to go and buy the ingredients I forgot. And now I'm wondering if I should make cupcakes instead of the cake version. Decisions!

Project Spectrum July Card:

Coloriffic Swap O Rama:

Coloriffic Playlist

1) Judy Garland- Over the Rainbow
2) Nena- 99 Red Balloons
3) Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe- Rainbow Country
4) REM- Orange Crush
5) Ramones- She Talks to Rainbows
6) Coldplay- Yellow
7) Carpenters- The Rainbow Connection
8) Faithless- Evergreen
9) Donna Summer- I'm a Rainbow
10) Squirrel Nut Zippers- Blue Angel
11) Elvis Presley- Pocketful of Rainbows
12) Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington- Mood Indigo
13) The Rolling Stones- She's a Rainbow
14) Madonna & Orbit- Ray of Light Ultra Violet Mix
15) Judy Garland- I'm Always Chasing Rainbows


Project Spectrum June and July

Alright well I finally got my card for June done. I decided to go with the traditional card route for whatever reason. So heading over to Laura in Ohio is my late card in a coordinating envelope which Theresa turned me on to making ages ago.

And I finally have a picture of my July Project Spectrum project- the purse my secret pal sent me. I already caught on I made a boo boo and that my bag will 1) be a LITTLE smaller than the pattern bag and 2) the pattern will not be at the bottom but more towards the top/middle. I miscalculated something but it’s alright. I like it anyways. 🙂 It’s a VERY forgiving pattern this purse.

So that’s where I’m at as far as keeping my hands busy with something relaxing. Which is good because it sounds like I have to go keep my hands busy with something not so relaxing as SOMEONE is waking up from her nap.

New Month New Look

Today is June 1. The first day of a new month always makes me smile- at least, when I notice them! Over at Project Spectrum, June means blue. Not going to lie, I'm excited! I don't really know why, because I don't have any projects in mind but I am playing in the postcard swap this time. And of course, it explains the new color scheme over here. Maybe not having any projects in mind will be liberating?
I also signed up for the Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama for July which features the colors brown and baby blue or aqua. Gorgeous color combination. And look, blue! Even though it's for July, the shopping and such things for it should be done in the month of June so I'm thinking I'll be able to get some work for both little events in at the same time.

Today also means I'm 39 weeks pregnant. I don't think she'll be here before June 8. I think she'll be very patient and wait for that full moon lurking over the weekend of June 11. Everyone swore I'd be early with Eldest- I wasn't. Everyone swears I'll be early with Daughter- I won't be. At least, I don't expect to be. Not at all.

I got some stuff done today. Mostly I made a really good dent in organizing my space. I dragged a baker's rack out of the garage and set it up next to my desk. It's holding all of the things for my shop. Oh my shop. My little tiny shop that is such a headache some times and so exciting and so not what I planned originally. It never is though, huh? I have had to make so many adjustments and I am pretty sure I'll have to just keep on making adjustments. I found a wonderful distributor for some of the more odd brands of Japanese cute like Crux and Pool Cool and Q-Lia. I got an order in with them and it's already on its way over. I'm having issues with the San-X order but I'm expecting to get it in to them in a couple of weeks. Cram Cream though… wow. The latest is that my inventory that was on backorder that was supposed to ship on the 30th of May won't ship until next Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm not going to lie, I'm really disappointed. My initial order was placed on May 3rd! Hopefully once the gears are oiled a bit, so to speak, I'll have an easier time getting these things through. But at least I have other options to explore and I can only hope and trust that these things happen for really good reasons and I'll figure out what it all is at some point.

Let's post up some pictures. Pictures make me happy.

First of all, is a little thing called Unazukin. I came across these adorable babes a couple of months ago on J-List. Unazukin is pretty much Bandai's newest little toy. She's a fairy and she reacts to your voice nodding or shaking her head as you talk with her. I held off on buying one until recently. The blue one I bought for my friend's birthday but she was a little late and just came in today. The Daruma and sakura versions I bought and plan on putting them in Daughter's room. And of course, there is a cell strap one and I had to get one. I love cell phone toys. She's "hanging out" with Gloomy Bear and a Be@rbrick. Let me tell you, I fear these unazukin. They have HIGHLY ADDICTIVE written all over them and I just saw at the site that there is a new series of them that are fruits. TOO CUTE.

Also, I wanted to mention that I did actually start a couple of things the other day. For one, I started a personal palette like the book Visual Chronicles suggested. Instead of shipping tags, I used blank bookmarks. It's fun. I liked not only finding colors for people but symbols too. They're held together by some string right now but that's because my screw posts have gone missing. Silly screw posts. I also made an art journal entry. Late at night, my mind is increasingly restless. There's a lot going on in there with this baby coming and all. I'd been avoiding the journal. I don't know why. But I just picked up stuff and started doing things and whatever. There was an entry. I think artistically speaking, it does little for me. However. It does help capture things that are in my mind in a different way and I find that interesting. I haven't made an entry since that night though.

Today I also made my first ATC in ages but it's one I'm sending to someone as a surprise and I forgot to scan it before snuggling it into the box. I really am glad that the store half of my space is organized. Now if only I could do something about the craft side of things. I know this is a temporary situation but I don't want to temporarily not do anything either! Alright kiddos, off I go. To do what, I'm not really sure.

May Day

Happy May Day everyone. It’s a new month and it’s one of my favorites. I love May. It’s all about moms and flowers and just seems like such a feminine month, doesn’t it? When I was younger, I was a practicing Catholic and May was the Virgin Mary’s month. I’ve always been fond of her but my reasons have changed as I’ve grown older. Still, in May there was always her coronation to do and it was always fun to parade with flowers in our hands and place them in vases around her and then one lucky girl was chosen to place the crown of flowers and things on her head. I got to do it a couple of times.

I’ve changed up the look of the journal again as it being May it means there’s a new color theme happening at Project Spectrum and although the site has been down since I’ve tried getting in all morning to double check, I’m pretty sure the color is green. I also recycled some of my links list. I figured it was time for a change and maybe, although I doubt it, I’ll introduce you to some new blogs worth reading. Some stayed the same, but most of them have been changed. Like a breath of fresh air, right? Change is nice some times.

Yesterday, I was at the awards ceremony for my school’s College of Arts and Sciences. I officially graduate today actually with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I’m not attending the graduation ceremony because it is so incredibly long and I really can’t sit through it at this stage in my pregnancy. My department was nice enough to award me for Outstanding Academic Achievement however. I felt so very odd during the ceremony. Most of the students were young, fresh-faced little things graduating suma cum laude and rushing off to med school or law school here there and everywhere. The older students present were older than I was and most had come back for second degrees and such things and were established in their fields and running off to do more great things in the world. I fell in between these age groups and was most definitely the only pregnant one there. And when my professor asked me what I had planned on doing afterwards- law school? A masters? I said, “Um no. I’m not sure I want to do any of that really.” During the awards ceremony the professors were all listing the wonderful accomplishments their students had made and would be making and my professor, whom I adore, gave a very nice little tribute to me and choosing to be a mom. I felt much better after that. Hard to explain I guess but it was just a nice thing all around. Just goes to show you not everyone who does well has to go on and become a lawyer or doctor, eh?

I have a lot of projects to finish this month. I have a swap to send out and a couple of birthday gifts. Actually, I have two swaps to send out this month both a week apart. And for birthdays, there are FOUR this month. There is also that little baby on the way. Since I am getting closer to the end, doctor appointments will be much more frequent. I actually have one on Friday which should include one last ultrasound. There are also two events this month. One I will definitely not work as it is taking place in New York. I haven’t decided on the other one but I’m pretty sure I won’t be working it either as I’ll be pretty useless and slow and cumbersome.

I am so sleepy.

A blue bird and Orange and Yellow Continue

I crafted another wooly bully pom pom mess and made a bluebird. I’d had this idea in my head and wondered if I could mix in two different yarn colors and get the colors for the bluebird. Well, I think it worked.

I’m keeping him. He makes me happy.

And tonight I went around the first floor and took some pictures of yellow and orange occurences in the spirit of Project Spectrum.

And then it turns out that I was apparently dressed in the spirit of Project Spectrum too…

Also when I went upstairs to tuck in Mario he was wearing orange pajamas and my husband had on an orange polo shirt. I kicked myself for not having the camera.

I finished making the ten pom pom animals I’m sending out in the mail this week. And all of the envelopes are stuffed save one because I can’t find the address. I think I’m going to do some more knitting on Square Two.

It’s a new month. Yellow and Orange for Project Spectrum. How fun- I just wonder if I’ll be able to contribute something this time around.

Saturday night I finished the first square of the baby blanket. It’s not perfect but I can’t expect it to be. I didn’t start until today on the second square because things have been a little hectic and sad and weird with the death of my grandaunt. Also, work has been busy and so my two hands that WOULD be knitting are busy typing and dialing and writing instead. I would really like to make some serious progress on this blanket. There’s a pillow I want to make a friend of mine and that I can make for Project Spectrum this month but I don’t want to pick it up until I’ve made a good dent in this blanket. I have a few more Pom Pom animals I’d like to make and then unleash them on the world to some friends. And I’m dying to try Bella Dia’s Pom Pom Tutorial.

Just for fun, here are a couple things that make me smile.

The First Square
It’s not perfect but it’s soft and the color is SO perfect. Now, we just need eleven more!!

The Bowl on My Desk
I picked it up at Target to hold some magnets for my new board but it was so pretty, I didn’t want the magnets cluttering it. So not it’s just sitting there making me smile.