Link Love- Brought to you by Google+

I had a post on here but then I was like, “You know, I really don’t want to get into this right now.” So I deleted it. And then it’s like every single thought I’ve had in my brain the past few days I wanted to blog about (and there were like a gazillion) got deleted too. So I’ve had the Add New Post window open all day and it’s been sitting there blank and I was determined to not leave without posting. So then I figured I’d just do a link love based on all the crap I’ve been posting on Google+ because it seems I never have a shortage of things to say on there.

Paperman by Disney is pretty much the cutest, most sweetest romantic little animation since the opening scene in Up.

I am reading Nell Gwynn: Mistress to a King What are you reading?? Also, this book makes me think maybe I should’ve been an historian.

If you can spare a birthday card and a stamp, you still have time to participate in this special needs man’s 75th birthday festivities.

“The study concluded that the perception of sex as a fat-burning athletic activity was based around sexcapades lasting an hour or more, but that’s not the reality of most American sex lives. Brace yourselves for the truth, people: Americans have sex for “an average time span of six minutes per sexual encounter.” That’s pretty depressing, and it only gets worse. Those six minutes only burn 21 calories.” According to this article which claims because of this, knitting in fact burns more calories on average than sex.

I approve this message

I approve this message

I loved these photos of skaters. I heart skaters. Stallion is a skater. I heart Stallion.

Goodbye Iron, Hello KITTY! (see what I did there?)

Fast and the Furious 6 is my huge guilty pleasure. I love these movies. And honestly what gets me gushy is the cars. I have a thing for sexy cars.

I really love tacos. There’s no a link to that, it’s just an observation.

There were a lot of shenanigans revolving a hashtag called #beforehashtags which resulted in me posting a picture of me as a very pouty baby ballerina and also gushing over Squeezits

This article on hair archaeology is super interesting and further reinforces my belief that maybe really I should have been an historian. Watch the video!!

dont want to do things


Maybe I do want to live somewhere cold...

Maybe I do want to live somewhere cold…

Best mug ever?? I’d say yes for LEGO peoples.

Oh yeah, this happened. Thank God it’s better now.

Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Downton Abbey & It’s Awesome

My friend is an amazing face painter. I was her model at a full moon party.

My friend is an amazing face painter. I was her model at a full moon party.

Cracks me up every time

Cracks me up every time

Harlem Shake All The Things!!!! These are highly addictive, you can’t watch just one!!

Tissue please!

Tissue please!

It was Judy Blume’s birthday yesterday. I loves her.

The thing with the cruise ship is gross but I still love cruising. It’s easy breezy.

The Miami Heat and the Miami City Ballet posed together for a series of photos celebrating 25 years of basketball and ballet in Miami. I absolutely LOVE the photos. They are playful and yet graceful too.

Print this and keep close to your desk.

Print this and keep close to your desk.

My co-workers gave out donuts

My co-workers gave out donuts

My thoughts on the Pope’s resignation

I am making this pinafore for a baby shower Stallion is invited to

I am making this pinafore for a baby shower Stallion is invited to

Google's not so subtle way of reminding me I'm too damn broke for this city.

Google’s not so subtle way of reminding me I’m too damn poor for this city.

I like this nail art tutorial for Valentine’s Day. I don’t have masking tape though.

Best Valentine's Day Card Evernomnomnomnom

Best Valentine’s Day Card Ever

Print this out and post it on your refrigerator

Print this out and post it on your refrigerator

OK that’s it! You’re all caught up on my Google+ activity in the past week. What nonsense have you found online you want to share with me? Don’t hold back the nonsense guys!


Swap Swap Swap Swap

I’m back in the swapping swing of things! Really I think I’m getting back into the swing of things in general but it might be too soon to say really. So we’ll just talk about swaps! I have quite a few swaps I’d like to send out soon. Maybe Friday. There’s a private group Valentine’s Day swap which I’m pretty much all shopped for– I just need a couple of odds and ends. Then there’s a one on one swap with tvstar1that’s a kawaii pink and red swap. I’ve only gotten a couple of things for her but I’m really doing the shopping for that tonight. There’s also the Sweetpea swap for which I’ve been paired with Em  whose package I received in the mail TODAY! EEK! (I took pictures and will post soon!) I’m finishing that one up this week. And then there’s all the little mail I have that will be going out. For instance, a valentine for Theresa’s little one from my little one. Plus, a slew of storebought Valentines I’m sending out. Yes storebought. But wait until you SEE them. SO CUTE! I also have a birthday card to send and some thank you cards and a note. And I’ve just caught a glance of my sheet of stamps. That will simply not do! I need more stamps! I have this odd feeling that I’ve forgotten something. But just because I haven’t made a note of it here doesn’t mean I haven’t shopped for it. I just have to get my head sorted out. I have missed signing up for Coloriffic for the second month in a row! Shame on me!

In other completely unrelated news, I think I might close Colorful Cute for a little bit while I revamp it. I have a LOT to do and I keep getting sidetracked on orders and stuff. Plus it’s not busy enough to warrant staying open while I sort things out. I’m not closing forever, just until I get set up on Zen Cart (inventory has been a MAJOR issue for me) and I also really need to focus on wholesale. But I’m still stocking up and am planning a major grand re-opening. I haven’t officially closed yet but I will do that this week. Ok the kids are gone and so am I! Catch you all later.

My Little Prince

It hit me the other day that I had never made my son a Valentine’s Day card. This will be his third Valentine’s Day so I’m thinking I probably haven’t done any permanent damage. 😉 Anyways, I wanted to remedy the situation and knew right from the beginning the idea for my card.

My son and I like to sing together and lately one of our favorites is “You are my sunshine”. Corny, I know, but it works. It makes him smile and he sings along the best he can but mostly he asks me to sing it to him. This is the little card I made for him. I usually don’t draw things or paint things– I’m not very good with a pen and pencil and brush. But I practiced the sun a couple of times and got it down to how I wanted it and made it. Then I messed it up and had to make another one. Go figure! Anyways, inside I wrote some of the lyrics to the song. And now it’s happily tied to a Valentine’s lollipop.

As for other princes, the other day I shared an ATC based on The Little Prince. I simply adore this book. I always have. Do you remember the cartoon series? I do. I remember him putting out his net to catch a shooting star. But the book? The book hits me like a boulder every time. I have my favorite parts and quotes. I love the fascination with the difference between children and “the grown-ups”. I LOVE any part that he talks about his flower. I wonder how many people in relationships identify with that storyline? And of course, the ending. The Little Prince ATC I did was an homage to the entire book in a way. But I’ve been sitting on the idea of doing other cards motivated by The Little Prince and Snowbear drops in and leaves me a comment about my Little Prince card. So I’ve gone and made another one and I have another one I want to do for sure. Tonight’s is drying still but I’ll upload tomorrow. And I’ll hopefully get to the other one very soon.

Valentine’s Day

Here is an ATC I made for a Valentine’s Day Card. I did not freehand the drawing because I’m not talented that way. It is a tracing and a transfer as my computer is out of ink. I colored it all by myself though LOL. I did not adhere the ATC to the card but the photo corners are doing a solid job of holding it in place.

“Madly in Love”
Materials: Paper, Cardstock, Color Pencils, Pen, Chalk Pencils

Valentine’s Day Card
Materials: Cardstock, rub-on alphabets, pre-made photo corners, ATC

Simple and sweet. And slightly crazy like me 🙂


Materials: Magazine Cut-Outs, Notecard, Sequins

“Giggles” -Naughty Valentine Series TAKEN
Materials: Magazine Cut-Outs, Patterned Paper, Ink

“Chuckles” -Naughty Valentine Series TAKEN
Materials: Magazine Cut-Outs, Patterned Paper, Ink

“Snickers” -Naughty Valentine Series
Materials: Magazine Cut-Outs, Patterned Paper, Ink