Favorite Posts

Below are some of the posts that have appeared on my blog directly relating to the Single Mom life. You can actually read all of my Single Mom posts here, but these are my favorites– in most cases because of the comments the post received. I’ve listed them with the oldest to the most current.

  1. How my keys spent the night outside: A humorous bit on the kinds of craziness single moms go through.
  2. Thursday- It’s gonna be weird: My first Thanksgiving without my kids.
  3. De-cluttering: How & Why I do it: It might seem this is out of place, but it’s not. My biggest de-cluttering drive came from my separation and it did wonders to heal a lot of wounds.
  4. Quieting the urge to tell: One of the hardest changes in the transition from “us” to “me” was shutting the heck up about “my” life.
  5. Burying the fantasy: I found my brain playing tricks on me as I coped with the break-up. Coming to terms with fantasy versus fact is not easy, especially when it’s your own brain churning out the fantasies.
  6. Bad Baby Mama, Good Baby Mama: Contrary to popular belief, I do make an effort to learn from others’ mistakes and achievements. This post is a collection of my personal Baby Mama rules. Re-reading this now, I’m thinking I should print it and put it everywhere so I can keep reminding myself.
  7. On birds, themes, and collections: Wherein I discover I have a strong affinity for birds and how this most likely ties to my failed marriage.
  8. Flexing the self-confidence muscle: One of the first things to go when single mommyhood begins is confidence. But it’s a necessity. Here are some tips I came up with and pulled from other resources on how to help you do just that.
  9. Mother meets monster: This is the kind of day you really wish there was someone at home you could tag team with. But the only thing you get is some neighborhood dog barking up a storm at 3 in the morning.
  10. Wolverine-like healing: Contemplating the recovery process and how you make the transition from cold to warm, closed to open.
  11. My separation story sans the gory details: Pretty self-explanatory right? Here it is, all laid out for you to get an idea of where I’ve come from.
  12. The three books that got me through: Also quite self-explanatory no? You might find one or all of these books quite helpful.
  13. Happy endings = false advertising: Are you a fan of gushy happy endings? Don’t be disappointed if you’re not, I’m not one either!
  14. My most unusual weekend: A reminder there are actual perks to being a single mom– especially when the kids are away with their dad.
  15. Wallet Wailings: Wherein I use a lot of bolds and italics as well as “strong language”: Money is a huge stress on single moms. Here’s the story of a huge inner tantrum I threw in the bleach aisle at Target. BTW this post generated a lot of excellent comments that are worth a read themselves.
  16. WIP: Doll, Declutter, Divorce: On the eve of my divorce, I talk about some photos I found and more lessons I’ve learned about Ex and me and marriage. Again, de-cluttering can lead to major healing.
  17. Words of Gratitude: A very special thank you to the community that’s sprouted on here and a very special hidden message. Can you find it?
  18. Mutant Supermodel and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day: The single mom take on the classic children’s book.
  19. The Struggle of Doubt: When going through this crazy adventure, doubt plays a major role. This post is one of my favorites because of the comments. Amazing insights came in from all sorts of people with all sorts of experiences. Read the post but make sure you read the comments too.
  20. Dear Daughter: Sometimes, your kid will pose some tough questions. Here, I try and work through a bump in understanding with my Daughter.

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