A is for Atkinson

Originally published on January 21, 2010 at MomsMiami.

A while back, I detailed a project I am emarking on this year in which I’ll read a book for every letter of the alphabet by author’s last name. Well, I am proud to say that this past weekend I completed the first book and so I thought I’d share.

Kate Atkinson’s When Will There be Good News? jumped at me from the bookshelves because the title is a phrase I keep mumbling to myself. This story is a bit of a murder mystery sort of thing with a mother starring as the main character– Dr. Joanna Hunter.

It’s a great read most of the way through. I do find it sort of obnoxious how all of the characters are interconnected. I just don’t think real life works that way and if it does, it often takes a long time for those connections to reveal themselves– not in a matter of mere weeks. But hey, it’s fiction. And it’s pretty fun fiction but the end is sort of disappointing to me in a hurried up rushed sort of way. Neat little packages are everywhere. Loose ends are securely fastened. Silly characters nonchalantly discarded. The end is just too perfect and I often find myself annoyed with those kinds of stories.

For the most part though, When Will There be Good News was great airplane fodder and seriously the first half of the book is really worth the read.


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