C is for Currie, Jr.

Don’t worry, I’m actually ahead of schedule with my 26 in 2010 project, but there’s been some other fun stuff to blog about so I’ve held off on reviewing the latest book: God is Dead by Ron Currie, Jr.

This book is stark. There are parts in this book that made my stomach clench. But, it’s my favorite book so far to come out of this project. I didn’t pick this book because of reviews, suggestions, or anything other than I was in the library roaming the aisles when it caught my eye. The flap sold me.

The basic premise is that God, while visiting us, is killed. Word gets out around the world that God has died and reacts accordingly. This is, to put it simply, drastically. Humans apparently don’t do well with a godless concept. The reactions are varied but almost always severe.

This is, most importantly, a satirical work. Currie shows us we already have the undercurrents of a godless society. Most of the ways humans deal with the death of God are simply exaggerations of current behavior and societal tendencies. He does a great job of mocking our worship tendencies.

The book is short. You can easily read this in a weekend or in a blissful Mommy is on Vacation Day. It is definitely dark humor at work but it works well. I could actually see this as a movie which I seldom say about any book. This almost reads like one though. Images are easy to conjure and that’s a credit to the author.

So, if you’re in the mood for something short and stark, dark and demented, this is definitely a good fit.


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