Originally published on MomsMiami, December 8, 2009.

There’s a place in my office that is my favorite place. It’s a place I go to when I’m really bored with a project and need a break before my eyes begin to bleed. It’s where I go when the he-said, she-said gets a little too hurtful. It’s where I go when my boss and I aren’t seeing eye to eye (i.e. he is clearly wrong and I am clearly right). It’s where I hide when I need to make a personal call or check out Facebook.

It’s quiet and somewhat cozy in it’s own right. It’s almost always completely deserted. It’s always clean and orderly. Some days, I go there just once or twice. Other days, I escape about five or six. Some times, I just need a few minutes. Other times, it takes longer to leave.

In this place, I’m just me. There is silence to just be. There are no children calling for me. There is no one filling my ears with small talk. There are no deadlines. I go here and I try to just go blank. I go here to just stop the thinking. There are no messages to interrupt me. There are no piles of clutter to frazzle my mind. It’s just me.

Sitting alone in the third floor ladies’ room.


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