Red Tape

The counter on my phone showed it was 47 minutes and 5 seconds when a live voice came on the phone. I’d almost forgotten I was on hold and it took me a second to gather myself. It was my monthly call to the State Attorney’s Child Support Enforcement office.

The latest call revealed the following:

The case is no longer in the matching stage, it is now in the updating stage. They had heard back from the court and verified the court order. Now they were updating the computer with all of the court order and case information. As a matter of fact, there was an update made September 24th.

What’s next?

Well the computer has to be full updated with all of the information. When that happens, it waits for the next payment as dictated by the court order. In this case, it’s a bi-weekly court order. Once it sees payments are being missed it starts sending out enforcement letters.

How many payments does it need to see missed?

I don’t know.

Doesn’t it show payments have been missed since June?

Well yes but the computer doesn’t count those. It starts counting from when it’s fully updated.

And when will it be fully updated?

Oh I can’t really tell you. But I’d call back every three weeks and see if any correspondence has gone out.