What Would My Readers Do? The Car Edition

As I mentioned yesterday, my car is not doing well. Here are the main points:

It’s a 2003 Nissan Murano. It was a car I purchased used six years ago. My payments were about $400 a month and I just paid it off now. Not sure why it took six years when it was a five year loan but whatever that’s not the point.

It has 120k+ miles on it.

Previous owner apparently did not change the oil regularly so there is something wrong with the motor that causes it to burn oil. I have taken the car in for regular oil changes to find it almost completely empty. This has been happening for about 3 years.

There is something wrong with the transmission. It is drivable but makes a TAP TAP TAP noise and a TINY little shudder when it comes to a stop. Also when you are doing the slow backing out or pulling into something maneuver where you have your foot kind of on and off the brake, the noise is much more persistent and the shudder more obvious too.

My parents and Stallion are both of the opinion that I should not invest in the car further. Mostly their concern is the oil burning thing and that a tranny repair is likely to be costly. I haven’t gotten an estimate yet but our mechanic who does not handle trannies is concerned as well.

My parents , god bless them, have proposed two things to me. They both include the same thing– I sell my car.

They want me to either:

  • Give my dad whatever proceeds I get from my car and take over the payments he is making on HIS car– a 2010 Mazda something (I think Mazda 5). It’s a six passenger car. He has three and a half years left on it and the monthly payments are about $250.
  • Trade my car in and they will co-sign a lease/loan for a new car for me.

I don’t like any of these options. I also don’t like the option where I sell my car and get something else used. I also don’t like the option of investing into the car further if the thing’s a hot mess, and the bottom line is my parents would have to help me pay the repair bill. I’m completely stumped and everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do about the car.

I’m tired of spending money on cars but I need a car. I use public transportation to get to work and back but to get the kids to school, I need the car. And to do almost everything else, I need the car. And now with Stallion working retail and going to school and having crazy hours all over the place, I can’t even say I’ll only use my car during the week.

So, what do you brilliant amazing readers think I should do?