Moving On Random Style



Ok just to get the soap opera stuff out of the way, yes K-Fat did reply to my response to his request for the child support. I did not get it until Monday morning so my plan worked. I was going to paraphrase but why?

I too am shocked and disappointed that you are acting as if I did not want to contribute to my kids upbringing. This was not a choice. You may have forgotten but I was unemployed during that period (I can send you the unemployment statement). Prior to that came hell or high water child support was paid, despite making a fraction of what I used to.

I expected you to respond this way but I still thought you were somewhat decent and could understand that it hasn’t been easy for me and the kids here either. Remember I do have time with them too.

Sent from my iPhone

So there you go. Now the whole thing has been documented here for prosperity. I had promised myself that although I would reply to the request for the funds, I wouldn’t respond to anything else and sure enough that’s what I’ve done. I could go line by line on this one, but why? I fact checked in my head because I really like to make sure I’m not completely insane and because I like to make sure that I am acting in good faith when I am taking a stern position on something and there’s basically nothing in that email that has any truth to it– except the iPhone bit.

Moving On!

My weekend was great, it really was. I hung out with friends, the kids hung out with friends, I cleaned up a bit more and rearranged my living room, and we were pretty good on the 80’s weekend thing with an exception made for when their friends came over on Saturday but that was it.

Oh and get this! I don’t remember if I mentioned it here, but my grandmother gave me money to buy Baby a new bike since he has outgrown his and the one my Dad bought him on Craigslist never really worked properly. I didn’t ask for it by the way. Baby was complaining about the kids teasing him at Bike Safety Day and Abuela demanded I buy the kid a bike, with her money, or else. Cuban Abuelas are very scary when they protect their great-grandkids. Fair warning.

We looked online and Baby fell in love with a really pretty Skylanders bike but the Toys R Us website said it wouldn’t available until February 22. So on Saturday, I looked online and it was sort of confusing but it looked like a Babies R Us right by my parents’ house had it. So we went.

They didn’t. No one in Miami had it. Baby cried. We went to my parents’  house to hang out and get over it. While we were there my dad is talking to me about biking. And I tell him I’m saving money so I can buy myself a bike and we can all go biking together.

My Dad is a serious biker these days. He rides miles and miles and miles on the weekend. So he gets this look in his eye, “Take mine!” he says. WHAT!? When my dad started biking regularly and found out how much he enjoyed it, he got himself a gorgeous cruiser bike called an Amsterdam. But he is totally beyond the cruiser bike’s capabilities now and doesn’t use it anymore. So he strapped an old bike rack on my car and mounted the Amsterdam on it and now I have a bike that is exactly the kind of bike that I wanted!!

On Sunday, the kids and I went out for a bike ride– Baby took his old Big Wheels type and chugged along. It was immediately obvious we need to do this more often and now I can! And my bike is so pretty!!! I feel like this on it:

By the way, Toys R Us made Baby’s bike available to order on the website and I did and it should come in tomorrow. Which is only kind of awesome because they’re with their dad this weekend but at least it will be here and I will have accomplished something awesome. Gracias Abuela!

My tax refund came in on Monday so I was able to fill up the Camp Savings Account, pay my parents back for a couple of things they had footed me for, made sure my account had enough money for the month, and stuck $500 in the mini emergency fund. Huge. Giant. Relief.

There still hasn’t been a child support payment made, the garnishment hasn’t posted and no paycheck deduction has been done either, but that money is extra anyways and will come in when it comes in. I’m actually on the phone now to request they follow up with the company the way my senior case analyst advised me to do a couple weeks ago.

By the way, here is the best video I saw on the Internet this week

Watch it. Make your kids watch it. Send it to your kids’ teachers and principals. Send it to the people you know who are teachers and principals. Make sure you show it to the girls in your life, as I think they will feel nicely represented here. And then, check out the website for resources on how how to learn and teach coding. Don’t be scared! We can do this! We should do this. That video totally gets me hyped, can you tell?

That about does it for my silly blathering today. I’m still on hold with the Child Support Office…. I wonder if they’ll pick up before I get my first comment on this one. What do you think?

By the way, I know it’s Wednesday so it’s a little late to be asking but how was your weekend? And is it too early to ask if you have something great planned for this weekend?


18 thoughts on “Moving On Random Style

  1. Maybe if he let go of the fancy phone, he could pay off a bit of the child support! My ex lied about everything, things more damaging than child support. Here, 32 years later, he swears I lied about everything in the marriage and divorce.

    • He’s got a whole lotta fancy in his life he could let go of. Priorities are in disarray for sure.
      I think what happens is some people lie to themselves constantly and get so wrapped in so many lies that they really do believe everything they’ve lied to themselves about. They’ll start by lying to themselves “just once” and then… yeah.

  2. Oh! I so want to go bike riding…but it’s been snowing for the last 24 hours and I had to push my car out of a snow drift (the snow drift was in the street, I didn’t crash). Spring needs to come!

  3. Sent from my iPhone made me chuckle. I pray for you.
    As for the bike riding … I went for the first time in my adult life this past summer and loved it. It’s a great way to get around especially with the children.

  4. Hooray for being able to save some of the tax return!
    That coding video makes me want to learn to code, too.
    Relationship stuff is so hard at times. One of my plans for this coming weekend is to have some serious talk time with the guy about us. I’m feeling pretty down about us these days.

  5. I’d be willing to bet that he’s at the point now that he actually believes his own lies. I wish you the best with that. I also kind of wish his iphone would get run over by a truck, but that’s just me being vindictive on your behalf.

    Amazing video by the way, I’m checking out their site. I had an (obsolete) coding class during university, and I hated it, but maybe if I learned some more applicable code I would find it more interesting.

  6. Yes, bogart approves too. The bike looks GREAT, congratulations. I recently bought a second (cheap) bike to keep at my office so I can ride around there as well as from home; it’s really nice. Hope Baby loves the new bike, also.

    And … yeah … an “I can’t pay child support” message sent from an IPhone takes the cake. Good grief (for the record, our household recently acquired its first ever smart phone, a cheap one (and no contract!) (and it’s not mine). What is with people?)

  7. Your ex is a piece of work. He’s upset that you won’t split the refund with him–even though HIS KIDS are suffering because of the lack of child support payments. I cannot even.

    I dated a guy who had a child. He was the non-custodial parent. If he EVER complained about supporting his child, I would have run away so fast there would have been burn marks in the ground.

    • Yeah I feel the same way on that end. My boyfriend now is a non-custodial parent and like you said, if he was making up excuses about paying child support, he’d not hold that boyfriend title.

  8. Just want to say, I loved the video! Apparently, twitter with my network is the best tool ever for getting tips on how to learn Python (seriously, I use twitter for science questions all the time and get 2-3 responses from people nearly as confused as I am… I asked about python and got like 30 excellent replies!). Right now, I’m mostly playing with “”, which is working out very nicely. I made programs! I even made one that I invented all by myself! It doesn’t work completely yet. PUZZLES!
    What I really need to know to solve my problem (making a gene sequence typing database) is probably Perl, but I kind of liked what I’d heard about Python, and I’m having a ball with it.

    • I watch the video when I get dismayed with class. I started playing with the Python courses on CodeAcademy but I really can’t overload my brain right now and Java is already causing enough stack overflow errors in my head to add anything else to the mix. I’d love to be multi-lingual though. I have been using Google+ successfully for support and help with programming. They have a fantastic Programming community and a lot of people on the network in general are into programming.


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