What if money were no object?

I would read all the books, learn all the dances, crochet all the things, and play with my kids all the games. How to turn that into a living is beyond me. What about you?? What makes YOU itch?


6 thoughts on “What if money were no object?

  1. Lets just say money and TIME were no object:

    1. Hire a full-time assistant
    2. Hire a house-keeper and a cook
    3. Rebuild my home to a more modern home, keeping my lot
    4. Purchase my neighbors’ homes too (bigger yard)
    5. With a bigger yard, I’d need a gardener
    6. Drive an SUV (yep)
    7. Be sure to have walk in closet for all the shoes I’d be purchasing
    8. Hire a personal trainer
    9. Now the fun part: adopt another child
    10. Play more with Oliver and new child
    11. Start my own business and hire my dream team (money is no object so I’d pay them more than they wanted)
    12. Get a big couch and giant TV so we could watch fun movies together
    13. Get the dream kitchen I want so that I could cook like I like, very comfortably
    14. Buy the camera I want
    15. Open up a pizzeria
    16. Travel with my son (and adopted child/children)

    Yep. Thanks for letting me dream!

  2. 1. Get myPhD
    2. Send two children for MA and beyond.
    3. Send third child to school for BA.
    4. Pay all bills for third child and her two children so she could quit her job.
    5. Pay for grandson to go to college this fall.
    6. Arrange for other three grandchildren to go to college when it is time.
    7. Rebuild this house on the same lot with only a few changes. (20 yr dream)
    8. Purchase 5 other houses on the block. (dream for 40 years)
    9. Purchase modest homes for all three children, something they can pay taxes and repairs on.
    10. OR, pay off son’s home if he wants to remain there.
    11. Buy modest one car for each of three children and one for myself.
    12. Buy a truck for me.
    13. Travel to in US and Australia, England, Greece
    14. Take children or grandchildren on any trips or send them where they want to go.
    15. Provide all health/dental care not covered by insurance for three children, dil, and four granchildren. All have good health insurance.
    16. Pay for dance, piano, and other classes they want to take.
    17. Pay for museum, zoo, etc. passes for myself and children and grandchildren.
    18. Sew more with new machines and repair the old ones.
    19. Of the five houses I would buy on this block–raze 3, keep one for guests, and put gym in other.
    20. Plant a garden and raise organic food.
    21. Hire someone to help in the garden and with chickens.
    22. Hire someone to clean every two weeks.
    23. Pay for transportation for all family to visit me from 1000 mile distances.
    24. Help my step-brothers and step-sisters.
    25. Pay someone to help me with genealogy.
    26. Provide my hens with better house and fences around the yard.
    27. Raise different set of hens to eat–no hormones or anything poisonous, including antibiotics, just like the layers I have.
    28. Plant fruit trees, nut trees, and more grapes.
    29. Buy any book I want and read all I want.
    30. Take care of dental problems in my own mouth.

    This was the best part of my day!

  3. Move to California coast; pretty much anywhere from Big Sur north would suit me just fine.

    Medium-scale organic gardening/farming that includes milk goats, poultry, and bees. Barter/sell/give away the extra within my community.

    Travel every year or two to domestic and international locations, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, New England, Atlantic coast of Canada, and all the National Parks I’ve missed so far.

    Get a massage once a week.

    I think that’s enough for now!


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