Wiped Out

This weekend wiped me out. I’m here, barely. I’m sleepy as heck and I have my programming lab in a bit over an hour and even though I have my program designed, I have a big gap in one of the steps. I don’t know if it’s that it has not been covered at all or that he covered it while I was sick with flu.

While I like my professor, his teaching style is NOT meshing up with mine at all. I am getting increasingly frustrated with the class in that I don’t feel like we’re actually being taught things. I don’t understand how to do x y and z exactly, just vaguely. I met with him after class last week when an assignment he gave out put me on my ass.

I flat out told him I was lost and asked how to study. He sent me to CodingBat which is helpful-ish but isn’t really touching on what we’re touching on. He also suggested if I’m struggling I should perhaps buy the textbook which irritates me because

  1. It’s 96 dollars
  2. I just returned it because he said a textbook isn’t necessary
  3. Textbooks usually don’t help me either

I want to like this class so much but UGH. I’m just running into dead ends everywhere and it’s making me sad.

Anyways, the weekend was fun albeit exhausting. I don’t want another busy weekend for months. How was your weekend? What have you done when you and a professor aren’t matching up learning-wise?


15 thoughts on “Wiped Out

  1. When I didnt mesh with a prof., I would find a student in the class who’s learning style matches mine to team up with. Helped being able to work through the problems together!

  2. 1. Definitely find a study group. My rec is to find someone who sits up near the front. You may have to exchange contact info with a few people or ask if folks already have a group they meet with.
    2. Check out what your college offers in terms of tutoring/TAing. Often the school provides free additional help, and a more advanced undergrad or grad student can turn out to be a gifted teacher.

    • Oh man I so do not sit up front. At first it was because there just wasn’t room. But now I stay away because he has a tendency to call on people in the front to answer questions. I haven’t known the answer to any of them since the one I did know in the first week of class.
      He mentioned TA’s. I forgot that. Basically, there is a schedule and there is always a TA in the lab. You are free to go to the lab and ask the TA for assistance whenever you want. They are even there Saturdays and Sundays which works. I have met three of the TAs so far and they are SO nice.

  3. I always felt like programming was a mix of people who either get it or don’t get it, and that maybe professor’s aren’t as good as explaining to those who don’t get it.
    Maybe there’s another resource you can find, cheaper and used, like Java for Dummies type of book, that might be more helpful to you than the textbook.

    • Yeah that’s not a bad idea. It’s starting to come together. Sort of. It’s just a weird format because lab is Monday but lectures are Tuesday and Thursday. And he doesn’t teach lab. No one actually teaches the lab. You are given a task and you sit and you do it and you call the TA when you get stuck and that’s that.

  4. Oh, boy. I had this class when when working on my master’s degree, where I really, really was struggling with a key concept. It was a core class, so it was important that I pass it. I went to see the professor after class and I told her I was having problems with this one area. As I said to her, “I don’t get it. What would you suggest I do to understand this better?” Her response: “You get it.” I insisted I did not. She insisted I did. I was left dumb-founded since I had gotten every.single.one. of the exercises wrong in an in-class comprehension quiz. I tried again to explain this “I don’t understand what guidelines to follow to do X.” She said I would be fine. A week later, we had our graded quiz and I struggled with the questions covering this concept. When she passed out our quiz results a week later she said to me, “You didn’t do so well on this.” ARGGHHHHHH!!!! Well, I passed the class anyway and when I would tell others in my program that I had taken that particular class with that particular instructor they were always impressed that I ended up getting a good grade since she was known as a very tough instructor. It became a badge of honor for me. I hope your coding class works out that way, too.

    • Wow! That’s pretty crazy she was so dismissive! It’s starting to come together. I think getting sick when I did and also being excluded from the first lab because of my work schedule threw me off as far as getting a feel for the class. It’s starting to come together a little better.

      • Oh, I don’t think she was being dismissive as much as I think she was trying to be reassuring. Maybe it was a cultural thing and she thought I wanted reassurance rather than understanding that I was having a specific problem. That’s why it was so frustrating when I kept trying to clarify the problem. That was many years ago and I’m thankful that I don’t need to apply that skill every day!

  5. My daughter was able to find a textbook she couldnt afford in the school library. Her plan is to keep checking it out all semester long. And just to make sure her roommate put herself down and wanting it next even though she doesnt take the class. Since each rental is for 4 weeks they are hoping to pull this off. Good luck

      • Definitely give this a try! Most of my profs in university would put a copy or three of the course textbooks on “reserve” at the library which meant that you could only check it out for an hour or two. It was great because most textbooks simply weren’t worth buying, but then you wanted to read that *one* page…

        Good luck! Programming is awesome 😀

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