No More Sick

Daughter and I are back to school and work respectively. Thankfully, everyone else in the house escaped its clutches. My mother took the boys with her a couple of days and their father took them Wednesday as usual but left Daughter with me. Stallion didn’t catch it thank God. Friday I was feeling better and wiped everything down with Clorox wipes and sprayed everything with Lysol. And I washed all the towels and the table cloth and stuff before the boys came back home.

I’ve never had the flu before. It was no joke that evil thing!! SO much work I have to do now. Ugh it’s one thing to go on vacation and prepare nicely for it but to miss one week out of the blue is a whole other story!!


5 thoughts on “No More Sick

  1. I am glad that you are better now! I have had the “real” flu once, and it does knock you on your arse. And I have had the “stomach flu” which I wouldn’t wish on my enemy. I hope you got some sleep!


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