Three Day Weekends

Aren’t three day weekends just perfect? You have one full day to go out and do social things, one full day to stay in and do cleaning and organizing things, and one full day to stay home relaxing and preparing for the week.

Saturday Stallion and I went to the library so he could use their computers for school work. I took this super complicated crochet project I’ve been doing for my mom. We were there for hours and I got really far along with it. We went home, changed, and went out for dinner and then straight to the movie theater to watch Silver Linings Playbook. It was great. Very funny and very moving. Excellent acting.

Sunday I was all good and responsible and stayed home cleaning the house, putting away Christmas, throwing stuff away, and laundry. My mom dropped in and helped too. She is the fastest cleaner I know. I think she wasn’t even there an hour and got more done than I could do in three hours. After I got a bunch of stuff done and was satisfied with my progress, I treated myself to the sofa, some crochet, and started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I am loving that show.

And then on Monday the kids were dropped off at my house. We relaxed. I got stuff organized and ready for the next day. We painted a bird house kit they had gotten at Christmas. We made peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I also made fish tacos for dinner and freshly squeezed lemonade. See, I do have some domestic capabilities in me.

Oh, good news– Stallion got the promotion so he’ll be consistently be working 30+ hours and will get benefits. I am very happy for him and also relieved. This whole limbo has had him stressed out which is not fun. And it will mean he can help with a few of the bills too. Which is nice because the child support thing is still unresolved and technically the x’s company has until March to comply with the income deduction order.

Do you ever get tired of venting about something/someone? That’s me. I’m tired of venting about the x or money. I’m just done. I don’t want anyone to talk to me about either. I don’t want to even think about either. I’m so burnt out on both.

Programming is going well. I get in the lab on Sunday for the first time finally. Yesterday I led my group with a structure chart and filled in the main one the professor had when no one in the class figured out what the missing piece was. This makes me feel self-conscious which is totally ridiculous. I’m 32 what the hell do I care? But I do. I care that people would think I’m showing off or something. Or I fear that my professor will get annoyed with me. I feel self conscious in all the classes I do well in. And yesterday when the kid next to me found out I was 32 and almost had a heart attack, I feel worse. I’m considering looking into not getting the second bachelor’s and instead figuring out what I need to do to get a Master’s instead. I just don’t want to waste my time with a bunch of classes I don’t care about.

Anyhow, that’s all there is in my head today. What about you?


6 thoughts on “Three Day Weekends

  1. We spent the 3 day weekend with a sick 6 year old. 😦 Tuesday and today too. 😦 😦 He should go back to school tomorrow though.

    Your professor will not get annoyed with you. Who cares if anybody thinks you’re showing off– that’s the way the patriarchy keeps women down. Fight the patriarchy! BA vs MA is an interesting decision– I’d probably go with MA, depending on the logistics. Go you on the programming! That’s a super useful skill.

    • There is some serious stuff going around. I have my kids washing their hands like nuts. My youngest has half the class out with flu. I’m glad he’s on the mend.
      You promise he won’t get annoyed? Funny enough I really thought of you guys after class when I was thinking about my hesitation.
      My University will pay for the Masters as long as I pay the taxes. So I really have to weigh it and see what gaps I have to fill but I think it may be the better choice in the end. And YES I am really excited about programming. It appeals to me on many, many levels.


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