Brain Dump New Year, New Semester Edition

Today I start another class. This semester should be heavy as I start Programing I and it has a lab. We will have to see how it all goes.

I’ve been reading up a storm. Mostly young adult books as I am trying to catch up and read all of the series Eldest has been addicted to. It is SO nice reading some of that stuff. I like stories for entertainment, what can I say?

I’m a little overwhelmed by the kids lately. I think maybe the two weeks we were on vacation has thrown things for a loop. They are extra needy lately and whiny and sensitive. They crowd around me constantly. They seek me out all the time. The littlest two have snuck into my bed a few times and the Eldest has taken to asking me to sleep with him too. They fight over who gets to sit with me or next to me or whatever.

I’ve been working on my Uberlist– a gigantic to-do list for the entire year. It’s something I used to do and I have more fun with it than resolutions. Mostly because it’s light stuff. But I need to make getting out of the house WITH the kids one of those things. It’s a little bit easier since my best friend got us all annual passes to Jungle Island. Seriously one of the best Christmas presents we have ever gotten. I pack sandwiches and water bottles and all we have to do is pay the $6 parking. It’s about 20 minutes from my house and nice and shady. We love the animals.

I’ve been dealing with some type of Kitchen gremlin. It broke my dishwasher Saturday and my landlord hasn’t sent someone to fix it. And then it opened a bottle of soy sauce in my pantry last night and spilled it all over the place leaving me quite the surprise this morning.

Money is still a bad word as is Child Support Enforcement. We’ll leave it at that.

Then again, it’s worth pointing out that it is REALLY hard to plan any type of anything when money is not reliable.

Stallion interviewed for a promotion last week. Fingers crossed.

One not fluffy book I have read recently was The Power of Habit and that’s had me thinking so much about routines and habits and organization. Which makes me wonder just how many things I say I want are things I really want versus things I think I should want. Does that make any sense?

How has the first half of the new year’s first month been treating you?


15 thoughts on “Brain Dump New Year, New Semester Edition

  1. Are the children affected by the Sandy Hook killings? Mine would be getting needy, clingy, and whiny. Well, the oldest would want to make a law outlawing killing children. He was like that. You know your children have heard about this from others, even if you shielded them. My older would have talked in front of the little ones who could not hear about the incident.

    • I asked my kids about the shootings, in a roundabout way, and they were not aware of them. The school shielded them very well and it’s a really small school. Plus they had no access to news and they were on vacation not long after they took place.

  2. I love your idea for a ginormous Uberlist! I think that is way more fun than setting resolutions that are bound to get broken. I just might have to borrow that idea if your okay with that. Here is to a better year in 2013!!

  3. It’s been cold, dark and rainy the first half of the first month of the new year. I’m ready to come visit YOU and hang out at Jungle Island! How cool is that place? I would absolutely LOVE it!

    I like your idea of a Uberlist too! I may have to start one of my own!

    I’m sorry that the child support $%#@ is still going on. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Single parenting is hard enough, but when there are money issues, it’s even harder.

    Good luck with your class! You are amazing to fit a hard class like that in as well as everything else on your plate!

    • Oh that would be lots of fun. We really like Jungle Island. It’s not overwhelmingly huge like Miami Zoo. And its much shadier and cooler since it’s on the water. During the summer they even have a beach!
      The Uberlist is fantastic. And it’s very satisfying to scratch things off. It’s also a good thing to look at when you’re not sure what to do next.
      I’m shocked and saddened by it as well. I need to write a letter to the State Attorney. My case is EASY imagine those poor women in far worse situations than mine! No wonder there’s so much poverty and stress!
      Thanks! I am hoping it goes well. Looks interesting.


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