Looking Back as I Plan Forward


January 2012

  • I recapped the 55 books I read in 2011
  • I recapped our vacation to Montebello, Virginia
  • I fleshed out a plan for 2012 more fully
  • I launched the De-Frumpiness Project with 31 Days of Lipstick
  • I enrolled in Pre-Calculus

February 2012

  • We all got sick
  • I was touched by Jen Hatmaker’s 7
  • I tried not to wreck my nails
  • My grandmother passed away

March 2012

  • I played with accessories
  • I overdid it with the cleaning
  • I celebrated my one year divorcesary
  • RIP Trayvon Martin

April 2012

  • I looked at how much I spend on my kids (too freaking much)
  • Rumors started swirling at my job about layoffs
  • I got my hair done (and haven’t had it done since)
  • Ex lost his job and I got my last regular child support payment of the year
  • I confronted a lot of lies I tell myself
  • I launched the Pay it Forward Handmade (which I STILL haven’t done)
  • Sh!t (insert noun here) Say took the internet world by storm

May 2012

  • I was obsessed with drinking water
  • Eldest had his First Holy Communion
  • I officially survived the layoffs
  • I got an A in Pre-Cal
  • I participated in a Secret Sisters swap
  • I talked about budgeting and shopping for gifts and some ways to approach spending challenges

June 2012

  • I took care of my teeth
  • Shopping spree at Express
  • Goodbye TV channels
  • I discovered Julep and beauty boxes
  • My kids went to Chicago with their paternal grandparents
  • I received the last child support payment of the year (didn’t know it at the time)
  • Affordable Healthcare Act was upheld by the Supreme Court
  • Worst bachelorette party ever

July 2012

  • My cousin got married, I was Maid of Honor
  • Gorgeous fourth of July at the Biltmore
  • I took care of my skin
  • I was introduced to Game of Thrones
  • Giveaway
  • Stomach Virus
  • Sponsored book review
  • Better versus Easier

August 2012

  • Credit Cards became my lifesavers
  • I decided to skip Disney World in favor of Universal Studios
  • And then I told the kids about no Disney
  • I ruminated on the things I’ve learned from single motherhood
  • I got a RAK from my Amazon Wishlist
  • I went to the DENTIST
  • We went to Universal and had a blast
  • The good, the better, the amazing
  • I turned 32
  • I started my World Lit Class

September 2012

  • More sickness
  • Work got crazy
  • I imported my ancient LiveJournal
  • Single Parent Stories started appearing here
  • First overdraft fee at a bank in ages
  • Child Support Enforcement Office Fighting

October 2012

  • RIP My Car
  • I confessed my love of beer
  • Conference Kickoff

November 2012

  • Child Support Enforcement Ridiculousness
  • First Jury Duty Ever
  • $tre$$

December 2012

  • Exasperation with Child Support Enforcement
  • Christmas Miracles
  • Silence

Dude, what a freaking year. I started with major stress about Pre-Calculus and then the stress levels just never stopped. No wonder I was a hot mess in 2012. Good riddance to the year. I wonder what’s in store this year?









8 thoughts on “Looking Back as I Plan Forward

  1. Oh so glad to hear from you. WHAT A YEAR! Your post is good inspiration for me (especially to buckle down and write that single-parent-story for you!). You are a wonderful mom and crazy powerful woman. Glad to know you thru your blog. Thanks for often commenting on mine. It felt good to know SOMEone was listening (and cared). Are you going to post a goals list for 2013? I’m NOT this year! 😀

    hugs, andrea

    • Aww thanks. It’s really been a NUTTY year. I thought I was being overly dramatic until I went through and wrote this. Then I was like, “ohhhhhhhh that makes sense then”. I think this year I’m going to do my Uberlist. I’ll explain soon 😀

  2. Great post- you should be proud of yourself and pat yourself on the back! Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone!!! 2012 sucked big time–all we can do now is go up!


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