Good, Better, Amazing


I have jury duty on Wednesday. It’s my first time and I’m excited about it.


I am reading Persepolis for class. I have been reading a lot lately. Recently, I finished Discovery of Witches and Stardust on my own and for school I finished Things Fall Apart and Chronicle of a Death Foretold. I have liked all of these. There is nothing quite like the escape route one takes through a book.

On Sunday, I did a lot of cleaning and picking up. My house looks much nicer now and it makes me happy to see it that way.


My dad took me to the sailing club in Key Largo Saturday with some of his students. One of the managers took us out on his Hunter 28′ foot sailboat. It is a beautiful boat. He taught us how to tack and explained a lot of terms to us. After, all the kids hopped on tiny Optis and figured out how to sail. I passed afraid of being smacked by the boom or capsizing the boat in the cold water. Next time, I won’t be such a chicken. I witnessed a glorious Key Largo sunset and felt very calm.

Your turn…


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