I’m Baaa-aaaack


Hey everyone! As promised, I have returned. I have so much stuff coming up for you guys too.

The week in La La Land was exactly what I needed. I really disconnected from everything. I even forgot there’s an election going on. I also forgot what it’s like to cook meals and pack lunch boxes and make your own bed but that all comes back eventually. Oh and bills. I forgot all about those too for a little while.

I am so much better now. I am looking at things with fresh eyes and without the major stress of work pushing down on top of me with everything else. I am using the proceeds of my car sale to pay off some lingering things and will be giving the bulk of it to my parents and it just makes me feel a lot better about a lot of things. I have to sit down and tinker a budget still but I’m more zen about it these days. Child Support is never ever going to happen. I’m going to have to work with that and move onward.

Oh I’m officially NOT doing NaNoWriMo this year. The conference pushed me way off schedule and I am really more interested in crocheting because the bulk of my Christmas gifts this year will be handmade by me.

Did I mention I got paid for my first crochet commission? YAY!

I will have some wonderful pictures to share with you all soon, I promise. Wait until you SEE how beautiful the place I stayed at was. Just you wait.

There are some bumps I’ve got to deal with but I’m more confident in how I’m going to handle them. All in good time. I’ll probably be a bit slow getting back to the flow of things, or maybe not who knows, but if I’m a bit on the snail side, just be patient. We’ll be rocking real soon. Missed you!


12 thoughts on “I’m Baaa-aaaack

      • Excuse my french, but it’s just so fucking pitiful and inexcusable that we should come to “accept” non-custodial parents as working the system until we’re so beaten down we choose between losing ourselves to battle forever, or not parenting our children because we’re so mired in the fight for what is rightfully and morally due.

        It’s just wrong.

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re back! 😀 It sucks that he still isn’t following through with child support, but I’m glad you’re coming up with a plan for how to get by without it. It just means if you ever see any of it it’ll be gravy in your budget.

  2. Welcome back! A break is really awesome sometimes and I’m pretty terrible at that too. I haven’t taken a vacation in over 5 months now and it’s definitely starting to hit me.

    Congrats on getting your first crochet commission!!!


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