Dear Family, I have a confession to make

Dear Family and Friends,

There’s something I have to tell you and it’s not going to be easy. The thing is, I know that you guys are pretty strict on some things and believe that some things are just right and some things are just wrong. So I’m hoping that you’ll still love me, accept me, and support me after I tell you something I’ve struggled with for years now.

The truth is, I don’t really like wine, I like beer. I know how important wine is in our family and how you were all pretty sure I was just like you in at least this one thing but I’m not. I’ve really tried to like wine. I’ve tried out a bunch of different types. I’ve even gone along with your wine tasting parties hoping that maybe I’d find a perfect match. I see how excited you all get when you gaze into a wine glass. I know how much joy you get analyzing the legs and debating how hot the wine is. I know that you all bond over your love of wine and that it’s pretty much expected in our family that everyone loves wine and will love wine and will make wine-loving babies but it’s just not like that for me.

The thing is, I just really love beer. I get so much happiness from a frosty mug of delicious beer that wine has just never brought me. I love all kinds of beer too! I love Germans and English and American.Β  I love meeting new beers from all over the world and admire them in every shade. I think they’re so special and unique and interesting.

I know there are some bad beers out there. I know beer isn’t perfect. But it’s what makes me happy. And I hope that you can respect that and respect my love of beer.

I won’t try and push it on you. I’ll even enjoy the occasional glass of wine, especially in your presence. And I’ll come to your wine tastings too because I love to be with you, my family, so much. I’d just rather have a beer in my hand, that’s all.

And does it really matter at the end of the day what we like to drink? I mean isn’t it about wanting happiness and love for our loved ones even if our loved ones love a little differently than we do? I won’t judge you for your drinking wine. I won’t feel bad for cabernet when you dump it for a pinot. As long as it makes you smile, I’ll happily refill your glass. I’ll even buy you a bottle if I ever have spending money again.

Thanks for listening, family and friends. I love you. Even though you love wine and I love beer. I just hope you’ll love me too.




15 thoughts on “Dear Family, I have a confession to make

  1. OMG, you are too funny. I love me a good wine. I’ve become a budget wine snob. That is to say, $10 bottles don’t do it for me anymore. I’m into $17 and up. Under $25. I hope I don’t grow out of THIS segment of snobbery or I’ll go broke.

    OH WAIT! I’m ALREADY broke….

    sheesh. Time for a drink, er I mean sip.


    andrea from Raising Peanut

    (somehow I signed in w/my wordpress acount, so I can’t leave my blog link here.)

  2. I like wine, but there is some wine that just doesn’t like me. I’ve always like regular beer, but since Alabama loosened some of its craft beer laws, I’m coming to appreciate BETTER beer now.

  3. Ha, I could write the same letter, but backwards. I do like wheat beers and non-bitter pumpkin beers well enough to drink one on occasion. But I’d much rather have a glass of wine (or, honestly, some water) than have beer all evening.


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