The Good, The Better, and the Amazing

Sometimes, I don’t feel like doing these. But I really push myself to do them because I know deep inside that my life just isn’t that bad and it’s my way of fighting off the yuck. So without further ado, here is this week’s Good, Better, and Amazing.

Three Smiley Faces

The Good

  • Something’s wrong with my car, my mechanic is blaming the transmission, and my warranty ran out about 700 miles ago. Might be time for a new car. Maybe.
  • Eldest was sick last week but is a-ok now and it looks like no one else got it.
  • My parents are still helping me as child support is still not coming through. Their father IS receiving Unemployment and it’s not being garnished and he’s not paying. This is why so many people just give the hell up. From what I could gather, he’s received three payments so far. And not one garnishment. And not one payment. But at least I have my parents. Thank God I have my parents.

The Better

  • Crochet is relaxing.
  • The Single Parent Stories series is so good. I hope you guys have been able to read them and enjoy them.
  • Stallion is working crazy hours. I think last week he worked almost 50.
  • I paid my car off. The one with the bad transmission? Yeah it’s officially MY car with a bad transmission not the bank’s car with a bad transmission. So yay.

The Amazing

  • Teenager came in from Tampa to surprise Stallion this weekend as an early birthday present. He was overwhelmed and amazed and it was fantastic.

Now you tell me– what’s Good, Better, and Amazing in your part of the world?


4 thoughts on “The Good, The Better, and the Amazing

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  2. Good: My daughter apologized for her outburst…. spontaneously, without being coaxed.
    Better: I got a lead on some new work.
    Best: Found out that I was overpaying on my (private) health insurance because I had “too low” of a deductible. I upped the deductible and will now be paying 50% LESS– and the difference between the “new” deductible and the “old” deductible is LESS than the payment difference. Win-Win.


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