The Good, The Better, The Amazing Unofficial Version

Just completely bombarded with work, life, and school. This is sort of a Good Better and Amazing but I don’t have time to officially make it one so…

Two interesting child support updates:

1) Ex claims he is now to receive unemployment which is fascinating because he initially told everyone he quit his job and when you quit, you forsake your right to unemployment so… I was baffled. But that’s not the point, the point is the State Attorney’s office informed me they have updated the case enough that they can make a match with Unemployment and send them a deduction order for child support. So if he really IS going to collect child support, I will actually get some kind of money at some point.

2) I got a letter today from the Department of Revenue letting me know that they let HIM know they are now in charge of the child support case and that all payments are to be directed to them. So it looks like the case is fully updated in the system.

Eldest got dropped off at my house today with a fever. Took him to the doctor and he’s got some kind of crazy virus that sends his fever up to 102. No school today and tomorrow. Lots of liquids. Manage the fever. At least it’s not strep throat.

I love crocheting. Seriously love it. And thanks to the crocheters I’ve connected with on Google+ I am taking it to a whole new level, really challenging myself to try more challenging projects. I’m doing these fingerless gloves that have a cable on them that are a total mind $%@*! and I love it.

Ok I have to run because my inbox is filling up again and I am seriously behind with work and school stuff.

Hope your week is good, better, and amazing too! SMOOCHES!


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