The Good, the Better, and the Amazing

Three Smiley Faces

It’s Monday! And instead of being all Boo-Hiss about it, I’m trying to get into the Woo-Hoo frame of mind instead. And with that, I bring you this week’s, The Good, the Better, and the Amazing!!

The Good

  • I feel pretty today. Oh and yesterday too.
  • I really like the book we are reading from class right now, Natsume Soseki’s Kokoro. It’s my favorite so far although Hedda Gabler was pretty awesome.
  • My car started doing this crazy shaking thing this morning while I was taking the kids to school. I was able to get them to school AND drive the car to the mechanic. At first look he says it’s just a spark plug but wanted to let the car completely cool before taking a deeper look. So fingers crossed it’s just the spark plug.

The Better

The Amazing

  • I have the coolest idea for Stallion’s birthday. Still munching over details but the gears are turning. I love surprising people with something awesome that they really want.
  • I tried a new to me crochet technique this weekend called filet crochet. It looks so much harder than it actually is. I made a neat little skull doily type thing I am going to send to an artist as a thank you for some stuff they’ve sent me. And now I’ve got a new technique to add to my skill set!

So what about you? What’s your Good, Better, and Amazing this week?

What we did this weekend: AT-AT Walker Model building, girls play date, swing twisting, fort building, chores with the gecko, taco night, and filet crochet



7 thoughts on “The Good, the Better, and the Amazing

  1. You know your de-frumpiness project? I had to go to a wedding last weekend, and I got new earrings and a long black shawl scarf thing to go with my dress. When I took my 3 year old to the library for story time today I wore my new earrings and long black shawl scarf tossed jauntily around my neck (instead of around my shoulders like a shawl) and I felt both awesome and pulled together and also like I was a huge pretender wearing a costume and I’d look super goofy to everyone who saw me. A MIXED BAG. But I did not feel frumpy.

    • At first, I felt the same way. Confused and pretending. Like I was playing dress up. But I kept doing it and now when I do it I feel more like me jazzy style not so much pretending. I have to do a project for October. I’ve been trying to stay un-frumpy but haven’t had a specific goal in mind the past couple of months. I miss it

  2. Totally curious what you have planned for his Birthday! I have one coming up, and have honestly no idea of what I’ll do for it.

    Good is that my sleeping schedule is turning to normal…
    Better is that I was able to work out so hard today that I’ll be burning calories for days.
    Best: I have the kids all week this week!

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