Explosion of Updates

Ok so thank you to Mysti for informing me that apparently my import of LiveJournal pushed out to my feed subscribers. So some of you really lucky people were met with an explosion of really old Mutant Supermodel in your readers.

I just want to make it totally clear those posts are really really really old. I am NOT pregnant and about to be induced. I am NOT married. I am NOT a Stay At Home Mom. The news did NOT just break out about Roger Clemens sleeping with a 15 year old. And so on and so forth. My five most recent posts are: Redecorating and such things, Child Support Collection Methods, The Good, the Better, the Amazing, SaturDaze, and The Good, the Better, The Amazing again. If you find posts with other titles mixed among those– especially between Child Support and Redecorating or Redecorating and this one (Explosion of Updates) they are OLD AS HECK.

Now that being said, I’m not telling you not to read them. You can most definitely go ahead and read them especially if you like to see pictures of cute babies and crafts. Or if you’re curious what my married life was like. I am going to organize them little by little so they are easily searchable. Right now, most are incorrectly labeled with the Single Mom category for instance. But there are a lot of posts that came over– three years worth. And I had already spent some time editing them on LiveJournal to remove names and such things. But one thing that should help you find the old stuff and read it is that I’ve added a drop down menu to the right that sorts my posts by month. It’s right over there, under the tag cloud and it’s titled Previous Mutations. I started my LiveJournal way back in February of 2006 so yeah…

I should mention it was a really weird experience for me going through that stuff. I was so different. I was uber crafty and uber spendy. So many posts about shopping and buying and retail therapy, it’s crazy. And then I was frustrated we were in a financial mess! I rolled my eyes at a lot of myself. I also saw right through all my super perky posts and knew the reason I was posting so often was because I was freaking lonely. And it was a bit of a shock to see how much my life changed once I went back to work. I’ll tell you right now, my going back to work had a LOT to do with my leaving my husband in a myriad of ways. I can’t say that we’d still be together if I hadn’t gone back to work because I know I was extremely unhappy but work gave me a way out in many ways, not the least of which came in the form of a major boost to my self-esteem and sense of worth. Yes, I felt more valuable in an office than in my own home. That right there should get across a good sense of what my married life was like huh?

Anyhow, I totally did not mean for this post to go on as long as it did. I really just meant to say MY BAD for confusing the heck out of some of you and throwing your feeds into disarray. And I wanted to let you know the old stuff is here now in case you’re curious. I can’t wait for the weekend. I am beyond beat! Hope you all have a good one. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to jump on here at some point. Let me know if you’re up to something this weekend. I live vicariously through others.


8 thoughts on “Explosion of Updates

  1. At first I was excited to see I had a mountain of unread posts in my reader! Then I realized exactly what had happened (you’re certainly not the first blogger to do this accidentally!). I just marked ’em all read. I just started subbing to you anyway after too many great links to you from NicoleandMaggie.

  2. I actually have liked reading “old you.” It gives perspective where you come from. Like I said, at first I just saw the first few lines (no dates)….but I could click it open to read the whole thing. I did have a minor heart attack on the nursery blurb. I was like….ok Mysti, I realize you are clueless sometimes, but how could you miss a BABY????? HAHAHA


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