The Good, the Better, and the Amazing

Three Smiley Faces

It’s never too late for The Good, the Better, and the Amazing!

The Good

  • Isaac was a Tropical Storm when it came through and it passed way South of us so all we got was a yucky gray and wet day on Sunday.
  • First week of back to school went a-ok. I’m trying to get the routines in place and smooth as butter. So far, it’s been going pretty well. The Timer is my Friend– I must remember that!
  • I’ve been using a sticker chart to track Baby’s night time potty activities. He has to go five nights without an accident to get to sleep with one of his siblings and without a diaper. Accident = diaper. Well he’s been perfectly dry with me but wet the bed over the weekend at his dad’s house and his (paternal) grandfather’s house too.

The Better

  • My first class was Thursday. I think I might be older than my professor which, if it’s true, would be a first for me. The class looks like it’s going to be really easy. She kind of came across that she hasn’t had the best time with this type of class before (200-level) as far as participation and stuff goes so she’s threatening all kinds of things like pop quizzes and big deficits for points on participation things but I’m not worried about any of that because I’m a good student– I do my work, I open my mouth, I show up to class, and I turn my phone off before walking in.
  • It’s been really nice to have school start and not have to deal with the stress of being a homeroom parent. It just dawned on me today how free of all the chaos I’ve been. Yes, I’m way more out of the loop but way calmer too and that is fantastic.
  • I discovered Aldi! Stallion had been going a few times and loved it and my mom lives right by it and loves it but I hadn’t had the chance to go. It’s pretty neat. It’s got very limited options but all are affordable which is great for satisficers. Not sure I’d make it my regular store but it’s a good card in the deck that’s for sure.
  • My University was very confused on how to handle the storm so we got a bunch of emails from them. The didn’t have any confusion on how to handle the main campus (Shut Everything Down) but the Medical Campus was a whole other story. Needless to say, I got dressed and went to work yesterday, found absolutely no one, grabbed some papers, went home and did my work there. So I had pretty much a day off and it was good because I had a migraine attack in the early afternoon that would not have been fun to deal with in the office. Also worked out as strangely enough the worst weather was on Monday!
  • Ex got worried his street might flood so he brought the kids to me Sunday. Since I had to work, my parents took the kids Sunday night and then brought them back Monday afternoon during a lull in the storms.
  • I saw my header. It’s almost done. It’s so rad.
  • My grandma lives next to me. And I don’t know why it’s taken me so long but I’m really starting to get comfortable with the role that we play in her life. It’s hard to gauge with her sometimes. I always think I’m going to bother her so I tend to leave her alone but she hates being left alone. I called her often during the storm because I had a feeling she was antsy about the storm even though she kept shrugging it off. Sure enough, my mom confirmed it to me and that the calls were helping. And when we lost power yesterday and she didn’t answer the phone, Stallion went to check on her and she told him how happy she was he had done that. We got power back as soon as he stepped into the door so I think that’s some good karma right there don’t you?

The Amazing

  • Having to deal with Isaac pretty much made my fantasy weekend of being totally lazy, mandatory. I crocheted. I watched Season 2 of Game of Thrones. I watched a full anime called 11 Eyes with a free 48 hour Guest code on Crunchyroll. I read my 17 chapters of Candide. I slept. I ate. I cuddled. I had to clean the backyard and patio on Saturday but that was way overdue anyways and it gave me the chance to trash so much junk. I did only one load of laundry, and actually I just realized I forgot to put it in the dryer! I picked 14 avocados and gave away 11 of them. I put away laundry that had been sitting in my room for a long time so my room is a little neater. I put my shoes on the shoe rack and picked a few to give away. And that was the extent of my labor this weekend.
  • Stallion’s work got cancelled too so we actually got a full weekend together and most of it alone! That never happens anymore so we were super happy.
  • Speaking of Stallion, he started school today. He got a Pell grant to go back to school. There was enough left on his book advance for a Kindle Fire but when he went to buy it today, the bookstore told him they were being phased out and being replaced with the Nexus 7– the tablet I’ve been drooling over since it was unveiled. So he prepaid for it and they’ll let him know when it’s ready. I’m so happy he’s got his own thing now. My laptop is dying too so this is a good backup. New and free technology!

What are you Good, Better, and Amazings this week?

P.S. My two favorite social networks right now are Google+ and Instagram. If you have either, please hit me up! You can connect with me on Google+ right here. If you have Instagram, you can look for me as @mutantsupermodel and find me there. Let me know you’re a reader because I love you guys hard!


15 thoughts on “The Good, the Better, and the Amazing

  1. So glad that the tropical storm worked out well for you! I saw it rolling in and thought it might be worse. Congrats on your class! lol, being older than the teacher is actually not as bad as it could be.

  2. I am absolutely obsessed with Aldi. I stopped buying name-brands years ago when I needed to cut my budget drastically, so that part of the store doesn’t bother me. Every few weeks they stock up on some name-brands that I actually DO purchase (i.e., Boca Burgers, Special K cereal, Kraft Mayo, and other things like that). They are predominantly my store of choice these days because also, their produce is of great quality in our area and so much cheaper than the big stores (e.g., $0.99 pineapples, $0.49 packages of Bella mushrooms, $1.00 bag of apples, etc.–love them!).

    How did you like Game of Thrones (second season)? We are on the second episode of it now. It’s weird; I like it…but I’m also uncomfortably disturbed by it and am covering my eyes half the time! I still can’t manage to stop though. I have such a weird relationship with that show altogether.

    Also, kudos to your alone time weekend with your lovah. That is awesome! xo

    • We have the EXACT same relationship with the show then. I jump, I cover my eyes, I cover my ears, I even walk out of the room. I’m always asking Was that really necessary!?! But it’s so good. I’m dying to read the books. I have an easier time reading tough stuff than watching it.

  3. Fun post!
    Crocheting and Candide! What a combo.
    Nothing too much “amazing” to report, but happy that both my boys are back in school, and yours truly would consider it “amazing” if I actually got some sleep this upcoming weekend!
    So that’s the plan. Don’t know how I manage that one. But with teens no longer filtering in and out all night… that should help.
    Maybe I’ll pull out some of my own french classics? That would be cool!


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