Brain Dump: Weekend?

The weekend is coming…?

I’ve had the kids so many days (three weekends in a row plus that week I took off from work) and we’ve been soooo busy that it seems surreal to me the weekend is coming and they won’t be with me and I have nothing that must be done besides reading some chapters from Candide and keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Isaac.

Honestly I’m really pleased about that and trying to fight the little voice in my head that is demanding I make the absolute best use of all of that glorious free time or else it will be wasted. Dear Little Voice, wasting time sounds absolutely glorious right about now. And next weekend the kids will be with their dad again so two weekends in a row. I figure I’ll do a lot of time-wasting this one and maybe plan something girly for next weekend. We’ll see.

Honestly I’d be really happy crocheting and reading all weekend. Maybe doing some ultra light clean up. Laundry for one because I’m really short on unmentionables right now. Maybe I’ll mop something. Maybe. Maybe not.

And I think I am PMSing because I’m craving major comfort/junk foods and am super thirsty. I’d love to make myself a big fat batch of these homemade Chicken Hot Pockets. But maybe I won’t. Who knows?

Do you have any plans this weekend or are you up in the air?


14 thoughts on “Brain Dump: Weekend?

  1. Oh those hot pockets look gooooooddddd! Almost, almost like a pasty. Yum! It’s going to be in the 90s here this weekend, though, and I’m not going to turn on the oven so they will have to wait.

    I plan to be kind and indulge myself this weekend, too. I will squeeze in a few non-indulgent things, though. BF will help me do a bit of cleaning in the bathroom and vacuuming up of all the dog hair. I will also put in another few hours of volunteer work for the upcoming coop tour (chicken coop tour, that is), and do about an hours worth of work on Sunday night (per usual). Other than that, I hope to finish most of a sweater I’m knitting in aran weight yarn.


      • You did end up inspiring me to cook something like these hot pockets this weekend, though. It cooled down and was rainy on Sunday so I looked around the fridge/freezer and came up with: leftover shredded turkey (frozen), leftover roast duck, leftover braised kohlrabi, and a single pie crust. What do you think that was turned into? Pot pie! I added some chopped carrots and onions (’cause I always have carrots and onions on hand), made a white sauce with butter, flour, and milk, then assembled it all and put in the oven. Very yummy and filling and I still have enough left for another meal. 🙂

  2. Mm, those chicken pockets look good.

    I am in the middle of a pretty slammed time at work, so I shouldn’t make any weekend plans, but I have German class, and I would like to work on building up my flower bed – my colleague is planning to move in a couple of weeks, and it’s my last chance to “borrow” some plants from her garden!

  3. I just had a huge mexican meal so the hot pockets don’t look good 🙂 otherwise I would agree.
    Isaac isn’t going to hit us. We’ll just get a good storm from the bands. My weekend sounds like yours (minus crocheting; cant do that). Hope yours is relaxing and peaceful!

      • To me, it seemed like Sunday was rainier than Monday. There was a tornado watch and a flash flood alert Monday and all the flights resumed. Guess Broward had more rain than you guys; Saturday was stormy, too.

        Guess I should have had a hurricane party. I was bored. At least I resisted ordering things!

  4. I’m PMSing it too. I especially love that when I bite my 14 yo son’s head off and he asks me if it’s “that time” of the month for me. Kinda of makes me snap back into nice mode.

    I LOVE crocheting! I just started a 6″ granny square afghan with these wild colors that don’t match anything! It’s like comforting therapy for me.

    Enjoy your alone time this weekend 🙂

  5. We are heading NORTH! To the cottage. Relaxing. No nothing. Movies. TV shows (on Hulu). Music. Hiking. Eating. Cooking. Playing. Watching the sunset. 10 glorious days. Just me and my 4 year old son. Can’t wait.

    Hope your weekend is filled with couch and book time.

    x o x o x o


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