Back to School for Me Too

I had completely managed to forget but today is my first day of class. I am taking World Literary Masterpieces II this semester. I figured because this is the crazy time of year for me I would take a class that is easier on my brain. Reading and writing come to me much easier than math and science do because that’s what I do for fun!

For my fellow school and literature nerds here is an excerpt from my syllabus:

Course Description: This course will read and analyze a survey of literature of the late 18th century to the early 21st century from all over the world. We will read a variety of works, including poetry, novels, short stories, a play, and a graphic novel, by authors from non-English speaking countries, as well as some literature from Great Britain and America that raises issue of immigration, nationality, and belonging. In general, we will explore differing and changing views of race, gender, nationality, and authorship as represented by different cultures in the last few centuries. We will think about the ways that individual national identities can merge and grow to become what we think of today as a global identity. Since this is a Writing Intensive survey course, you will be asked to read a large array of literature, thinking critically about and responding to the texts in writing and class discussion.

Required Texts:

Soooo excited. I’ve read very few of these so that’ll be nice. By the way, I don’t know if this totally breaks some literary lover rule but I’m gonna say right now I love Dover Thrift Editions. And I also love Swagbucks. I’ve bought three of my books that way and thanks to gift cards I redeemed from Swagbucks I have paid zero dollars and I still have a couple Amazon bucks to spend. I already own one of the books and another is on hold for me at the library. Back to school all frugal style baby.

So what do you think of my upcoming semester? Good one? Am I overexcited and bound for disappointment? Do the academic people have academic thoughts?

By the way are any of you on Instagram? I’m there as (wait for it) @mutantsupermodel. Totally surprising right!?! If you’re on it, Follow me and let me know you’re a reader so I can stalk Follow you properly.


20 thoughts on “Back to School for Me Too

  1. Sounds awesome!!! And I like that the Garcia Marquez reading is Chronicle of a Death Foretold. It’s my favorite work by him (while I recognize his genius, I really don’t care too much for him and/or magical realism, Chronicle… is something completely different – and shorter)

  2. Shhh. A modest proposal is secretly social science! And personal finance blogs quote Candide all the time…

    Looks like a really varied and interesting class. I like how it isn’t all sex and death. Sex and death only English classes (which seems to be something a lot of middle-aged-white-English-PhDs teach) bored the heck out of me. (And sometimes sex is the little death! Oh boy!)

  3. Well, dang, I had Candide and Things Fall Apart on my bookshelves until I recently took them to Half Price Books (and probably got, like 10 cents for each). I would have been happy to pass them on. After 20+ years, I figured it was safe to get rid of some books from my undergrad/abandoned grad school during a de-cluttering sweep.

    Enjoy your class! Seems like there is some pretty non-conventional reading there.

    • You know what’s funny? I had Candide too. For years. And never got around to reading it so I donated it to the library a few months ago. I do own Things Fall Apart. My brother gave it to me and I’ve read that one.

      Yeah I’m intrigued by the variety.

  4. I notice there are no big hairy tomes on the reading list. Persepolis may be the longest and it’s a graphic novel. Still, most of the selections are gems and many are far more interesting and complex that so much of the shear weight that is being published today.

    I suggest, however, that this is a mere dip into the pool of world literature and many of the texts are invitations to read further in an author, a period, a country, or a type of literature. For instance, Metamorphosis is an excellent story in and for itself; however, you should then continue the progression and to The Trial to understand Kafka even better…then there are more stories and novels to further pi

    • Yes it’s intentionally “lite” as it’s a 200 level survey class. I’m taking it because it satisfies a writing requirement and i need something easy to digest this time of year. I’m excited especially as the list got lots of approval


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