The Good, The Better, The Amazing

Three Smiley FacesMysti does this thing called The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to recap her week. I thought I’d spin it and start my week on a positive note since so many things are starting anew anyways. So here we go– The Good, Better, and Amazing!

The Good

  • I didn’t do everything on my To Do list but I got a lot of it out of the way
  • I did my birthday nails with the Sally Hansen Salon Strips and they’re cute but chip easy and I don’t think they’re worth the $10 they retail for so I’m super happy I waited and snagged them during one my major CVS hauls
  • I got about three hours of sleep last night and three is better than none
  • I stayed up until really late but the kids got back to school with everything they needed (I think) and they were on time and they were adorable
  • I really didn’t hit Vacation Mode until Thursday night which is better than not hitting it at all
  • I’m going to meal plan this week. I haven’t gotten past tonight but it’s on my to do list.

The Better

  • My kids got into vacation mode earlier than I did and slept in late all week
  • I’m kind of happy to be back to work and have tons of stuff to do and my coworker got me a bunch of pretty pink flowers
  • My mom repaired this Tinkerbell sculpture I had that broke years ago; the damage is noticeable but its the thought that counts and besides you can only tell if you examine it
  • I’m excited about my World Literature Classics class that starts Thursday. We’re going to read The Complete Persepolis
  • My kids were really good at drop off this morning and Baby didn’t even freak out
  • Stallion got a call today for a job interview tomorrow. Pros: Much better pay and big perks like company car and insurance. Cons: Possible schedule conflicts with the classes he’s lined up for the semester and have been paid for by his Pell Grant. Wait and see but I’m just glad he is getting calls and such lately.

The Amazing

  • My birthday was amazing! My birthday cake was a chocolate and vanilla mousse cake from this French bakery I absolutely adore and my closest friends and family came and showered me with flowers and gifts and the potluck food was awesome and plentiful and I have meals for like two weeks easy and wine too.
  • Mom gave me gift cards to JCPenney and Express with the condition I only buy myself new clothes and shoes. YES, MOTHER!!!
  • Sandman. I read a ton of it lately and it is so good. Actually Neil Gaiman in general. I’m devouring Gaiman books like crazy. So much so I haven’t crocheted a THING since before vacation.

So let’s put a positive spin on our week! What are you GBA’s?


16 thoughts on “The Good, The Better, The Amazing

  1. H A P P Y ~ B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

    This is fun. Good: School doesn’t start until Labor Day.
    Better: I have a job interview on Wednesday
    Amazing: am eligible for state help! wow…. never had to do that before and am so glad for the opportunity.



    • Ooh you get a bit more summer, how nice! Good luck to you for the job interview. I’ll be thinking of you. I’m glad you could use the state help. I haven’t qualified for it but my boyfriend does. I’m happy it exists to help those who need it like you and him!

      And thank you for the birthday wishes 🙂

  2. I love the positive energy that is beaming from your blog!!
    How we view things is so important (1/2 full v. 1/2 empty). Glad to be on the 1/2 full side with you!
    Your nails look super cool by the way!
    Have a fab week.

    • I tend to force myself away from the negative when things get rough. I can’t afford to let it creep on me so I fight back with lots of positive thinking and energy.
      Thanks! I like them but wish they weren’t chipping so much. Oh well, I have a cool idea for the strips that were leftover 😉

  3. Love the power of positive thinking! I have started to think like that too about bed times “Hey, at least I get a couple hours, I’ll feel more awake then than I do now!
    Happy Birthday!


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