To Do List: Three Days Before School Starts Version

One week of vacation is just not enough. I think it takes one week just to get used to the idea that you’re on vacation. I definitely need at least one more to actually make my vacation productive.

With the trip and the Dentist, everything’s gotten derailed and I’ve been slammed with a case of this:

But school starts Monday and vacation is over on Monday and there are things I have to get done and things I would really like to get done to make the transition easier. So I figured I’d mark them all down here to give me some sense of accountability:

  • Do all the laundry.
  • Clean up the drawers and closets so the uniforms are ready to go.
  • Make some sort of breakfast food for the first couple of days like muffins or granola bars.
  • Names on all uniforms.
  • Pack a bag of extra uniforms for their dad’s house.
  • Make sure the backpacks are packed and ready to go with the right stuff including any summer homework that had to get done.
  • Clean up the entry way so that the only stuff there is what we need.
  • Back to School grocery supplement trip.
  • Turn 32 on Saturday.
  • Go to the school orientation tonight.
  • Do some general picking up so things aren’t too chaotic and finding stuff isn’t a pain in the butt.
  • Watch Dr. Who.
  • Do my birthday nails.
  • Trim the kids’ nails.
  • Make Bacon Pancake Bites for Birthday Potluck.

More to come?


10 thoughts on “To Do List: Three Days Before School Starts Version

  1. It’s funny, I watched that video of the lazy song laying in bed, lol. Happy birthday tomorrow Mutant Supermodel, I’m sure you’ll be able to tackle your to do list no problem πŸ™‚ (post the birthday nails?)

  2. Happy B. Day!
    Now that you’ve made the list you’re all set – everything will magically fall into place, the children will behave like angels and you won’t feel any older than when you were 29!
    Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  3. lol! You snuck in that birthday part! Happy birthday!!!!!!! I totally agree, all vacations need to be at least two weeks, though the first week is spent getting into the idea that you’re on vacation and the second week is dreading coming home… maybe 3 weeks would be better!

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