Remodeling and Randoms

Hey guys, don’t mind the dust around here. The blog is having some work done the next several days. I was accepted into WordPress’ new WordAds program and have to change things around to support it. Plus a friend of mine is redesigning my header. He’s amazing so I’m excited. It’ll be a much edgier, darker look than what I’ve had on here.

Other than that, just wanted to post a quick little random note.

Dear Random Internet Stranger,

Thank you so very much for your random act of birthday kindness. I know you thought it was a nice thing to treat me for my birthday, and it was, but it was even nicer given what a heck of a pressure cooker my life’s been for several weeks now. It’s funny because I’d just mentioned in yesterday’s post about how good people really do exist in this world and then today concrete evidence gets delivered to my door in the form of gifts from my Amazon wishlist. And the stuff you got me I’ve been wanting for years. They are total indulgence types of gifts. So yeah, thank you a gazillion. It means a lot to be the recipient of something like that. I really hope you have an amazing day because you made mine that way.





7 thoughts on “Remodeling and Randoms

  1. Lucky Girl! How amazingly cool – Hooray for random acts of kindness. This is a warm and fuzzy moment, that makes me feel good about my fellow man.

    Can’t wait to see your new header.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. As long as we’re using the term “random” ….I have a random question. Six months out from my separation and doing pretty well. Invited to go see “Hope Springs” this weekend. Would you go to something so optimistic about marriage right now? I’m worried that it will just make me feel worse.

    • Me? Probably not because I wouldn’t enjoy it. I remember seeing He’s Just Not That Into You and hating life. If you want to see something because it looks like something you’d like, go. But if you have doubts about it, and it sounds like you do, I’d opt for something different.


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