Giveaway: De-Frumpiness Toolbox

Remember I mentioned the Spanish Professor gifted me one of her beauty boxes (New Beauty’s TestTube)? Well it actually ended up being a two for one deal and I got a second beauty box! So I asked her if I could pay it forward and do a giveaway with some of the products in the test tube along with a couple of beauty products and samples I had. She said yes (because she is awesome) and I went hunting and put together what I am calling the De-Frumpiness Toolbox.

In honor of the De-Frumpiness Project, I am going to give away a travel bag filled with beauty products and samples. Heck I might even throw in some accessories and a water bottle if I can get my hands on some before the giveaway closes. Some of the brands in the beauty bag are: Tresemmé, Jane Iredale, Mèmoire Liquide, Mally, Dr. Brandt, Skinceuticals, Julep (enter code COLOR2012 to get your first box for one cent), John Freida, and Olay Professional.

Fun stuff, right?

Ok now here’s the how-to-enter stuff.

First of all, US entries only. I’m sorry but the postage costs are through the roof and this little bag of goodies has some weight to it. And being that I’m not swimming in money (did I tell you guys the state informed me Ex owes me over $13,000 in child support?) I’ve got to stay reasonable. I do promise I will do a giveaway soon that is lightweight and therefore can ship anywhere but this one, sadly, is not it.

So, just move to the US and then leave a comment and tell me something you’ve done to treat yourself recently (the past month) and if you haven’t done anything to treat yourself recently, I want you to post what you’re going to do to treat yourself and when! One comment per person please.

The only bonus entries I’m giving are to single moms who blog. So if this is you, just write a second comment letting me know you’re a single mom and linking us to your blog. And while you’re at it, you might want to check my list of Single Parent Blogs and see if you’re on there. And I mean Single Moms with kids that are still dependent on them (and I’ll extend this to the single moms putting their babies through college). I admire you awesome veterans but you’re the first to remember how crazy easy it was to neglect yourself during the Chaos Days.

Giveaway ends in one week: July 19th, 2012 at Midnight EST

So, that’s it. My first giveaway!


26 thoughts on “Giveaway: De-Frumpiness Toolbox

  1. Look at you and your first give away! So let me tell you, I am frumpy and can use some help! This past month saw both my husband and my son in the hospital. The reasons are unrelated, but both were serious and extremely taxing on my well-being! Thankfully they are both home and things are coming back to balance. However, treating myself was not an option, and I relied on my crochet habit to keep me calm. Honestly, I haven’t given any thought to doing something for me until I read your post. So if I win, I’ll plan myself an afternoon of beautification – and if I don’t I’ll buy some yarn and paint my toenails! In any event, thanks for reminding me to take care of me!

  2. a lovely first giveaway!!!! i have been horribly slow at catching up on flickr and any blogs but glad we can still catch up on instagram!! ANDDD on a complete sidenote- i use the word frumpy a LOT! ramel thought i made up the word haha

  3. I went out and splurged on some new clothes on the 4th. The sales were too good to pass up! I tend to shop second hand a lot so having the option to try a pretty dress or a shirt in more than one size was so nice!

  4. Yay giveaway!!! I haven’t treated myself to anything in forever….but I am planning on getting my brows waxed very soon. I rarely do it….so it is a big treat for me.

  5. I treated myself to a tattoo that I have wanted for the last 5 yrs. I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and was declared cancer-free on 8/10/07. So, since my 5 yr cancer-free date is coming up soon, I went and got my lime green ribbon tattoo with my N.E.D. date under it.

  6. I treated myself to doing nothing two evenings this week. No seriously, that was a treat! No errands, no housework, no gardening…we even had leftovers for dinner. These evenings were *magical* and definitely a treat. 🙂

  7. I am awesome, male, don’t live in the US, have no children and probably will never have children since I don’t think the universe could ever be that cruel to a child. But I just had to comment cause this is frickin awesome.

  8. First of all, “defrumpiness” is an awesome word and this is such a fun first giveaway! Congrats 🙂 As for treating myself, I am a firm believer in finding little ways to make myself happy here and there because I think it makes me a better mom. You know my story, the tragedy that was my marriage, but through it all and especially after it was over, I definitely learned how vital it is to do something as simple as take a bath to calm my nerves and get my smile back. Most recently? My toddler and I soaked our feet and tried an at-home foot scrub recipe I found online which uses simple ingredients from the kitchen. Low cost, little effort, HUGE payout!

  9. That’s a pretty bag! My treat was buying pretty quting fabric to make pillows for my new “sunroom.” I’ll smile every time I see them 🙂

  10. Yay a giveaway! I could totally use this right now. To treat myself recently… hmmm… I really just can not think of anything. It’s cool though because we have a really awesome road trip coming up that I have been saving for. Should be a good time.

  11. What a delightful giveaway! I could use a major De-Frump! I feel worn out and definitely look it. I have been caring for my husband who has developed some health issues and now my mother in law has been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer that has spread, (now she has a large growth on her right ovary as well). The stress as well as the constant doctors appointments are a big drain and worry. I am trying to manage better. I treated myself to a wonderful relaxing bubble bath, and a 3 hour nap today. Pure Bliss. I have got to try to remember to squeeze in a small treat in everyday. Not only for my sanity, but after my bath and nap, I felt like I could tackle another day. Love reading your blog!

  12. What a fun giveaway! The bag is adorable! I got a really cute haircut last week. I’ve been living ‘Maytina-light’ since we got to LA. I still cook and clean and all that but I spend a whole lotta time on the patio knitting and a whole lotta time at the pool and the beach with the kids. 🙂

  13. This frazzeled single mom and resident of frumphood has recently started polishing my nails more frequently at least once a week. Which to me is a luxury because its a good 30 min I could use to wash laundry or something. LOL. but just like you im trying to move out of frumphood. This is a great giveaway and the bag is super cute.

  14. As you know, I’ve been following your defrumpiness regiment pretty diligently..thank you for the inspiration. I would totally love this goodie bag. My most recent defumpying was summer dresses and I’m wearing one right now…just around the house and I don’t even have anyone to look cute around (well except family when they come home). I only usually shop around the holidays so I have 8,000,000 winter coats but had nothing for summer. Plus, I hate how I look in more revealing summer clothes, so I’ve been avoiding it for way too long. I also restocked my bath salts and bubble bath because a girlfriend with no tub is coming out to visit this weekend and I thought she might like a nice soak in the tub.

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