Brain Dump: Bachelorettes, 4ths, Compliments, Books, and Thrones Edition

I’ve been pretty sporadic lately hmmm? I think I was just really overwhelmed with the wedding and having the kids so many days without a break and just stuffs. But I think I’ll be back to normal soon, recharging this weekend should be nice.

Bachelorette party last Friday? Worst. Bachelorette. Ever. I was so hesitant about this one but that’s it– no more bachelorette parties that involve going out and partying. I freaking hate alcohol and I hate drunks and I hate sober people who take advantage of drunks. SO that’s it. Next time I’m invited to a bachelorette party that involves bars or clubs or whatever, it’s a no thank you. And if I’m ever asked to be maid of honor again, I’ll accept on the condition they do not expect me to host that sort of bachelorette party and that if that’s the type of bachelorette party they want, they can find another Maid of Honor or delegate the bachelorette party to a bridesmaid and not be insulted if I don’t go. Just, no.

Wedding? Exhausting but nice. I got a lot of compliments on my toast which honestly took me by surprise. I didn’t cry and that was the important part to me but apparently I did jerk some tears out of other people including the bride so WIN! It was absolutely gorgeous by the lighthouse on the beach and dealing with the swarm of mosquitoes was tolerable once the park rangers covered us in Off. The reception was a very silly good time.I’d show you pictures but all of mine sucked and I left the camera in the car during the ceremony.

I had a really nice 4th of July. Stallion and I were childless as Teenager went to the Keys with her grandparents. We went to the iconic Biltmore Hotel who brought back their fireworks after five years of not having them thanks to all kinds of financial crap and fighting between the City and the previous owners. We had a picnic and some friends joined us. I got us amazing seats right in front of the launch area. We even got rained on with ashes and firework debris.My 4th of July manicure is seriously cute and I’ve been getting compliments on it all day.

Know what else I’ve been getting compliments on? This gorgeous necklace Sandy from First Gen American sent me a while back as a little De-Frumpiness gift. It’s a crazy gorgeous loop of metal you can twist and coil and wear however you want. I will take pictures and share soon, promise. I tried taking some today but I’m just not looking my best.

Which reminds me of the De-Frumpiness Project. Wow I left everyone hanging! SKIN CARE! That’s July. For me it means getting into a morning and even routine as far as my skin is concerned. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that although my complexion is pretty nice I get weird dry skin issues like my elbows and hands. And I’d love to keep my skin looking all pretty. My daughter the other day was asking me what all the beauty products in a beauty box were and one of them was an anti-wrinkle thing and Daughter says to me, “But Mommy you don’t have wrinkles” and I said, “Oh my god come here I love you so much!”

Question: I was asked to do a book review for a publisher and I took them up on it because I love to read. What do you guys like to see in a book review? What makes you decide to read or not read a book in general? I was actually thinking of playing with book reviews in general so that I can have a healthy mix of reviews that are books I read on my own and books I was given to review because I’d like to remain impartial and consistent but I’m not sure how you all feel about reviews in general. So let me know.

The crochet project I was making for the wedding totally did not work out and I ran out of time to do the backup plan and I just got really frustrated so I put down crochet and have been reading. Right now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m having a blast with it because it’s just too OUT there to not enjoy. I like weird stuff. After that, I’ve got The Marriage Plot ready too which is actually a perfect line-up now that i think about it. I had actually started the Marriage Plot but then realized Pride and Prejudice and Zombies wouldn’t renew at the Library because another patron requested it.

I started watching Game of Thrones. I’m such a wuss, I run away during the violent scenes. I’m gonna read the books too but Stallion is having a blast watching it with me and it’s kind of nice to cuddle on the couch (and then jump up and run away with my fingers in my ears) and get all sucked into a crazy good story. I was thinking of crocheting while watching it but I just can’t. When it’s not violent, it’s so good I can’t tear my eyes away from it for a second. And all that jumping and running away would make it hard to stay on track with my place in the crochet pattern.

I’m off now so ta-ta darlings! Have a nice restful weekend and I’ll see you on the flipside!


12 thoughts on “Brain Dump: Bachelorettes, 4ths, Compliments, Books, and Thrones Edition

  1. Personally, I am not into Book reviews. Love to read though!

    I am interested in our skin care results for the month. I am trying to take better care of my skin as well.

  2. I don’t read book reviews as much as I look at plot synopses so I can figure out if a particular book is going to be what I feel like reading at the time. I also think a well-written, useful review will focus on different elements depending on the type of book. A review for a work of fiction may note the genre, themes, time period (if applicable), and impressions of the characters, as well as comparisons to other books/series. For a work of non-fiction what I find more important are a summary of the issues or events covered, impression of the sources and research/scholarship, and notes about the liveliness of the writing.

    I hear a lot of people like Game of Thrones, but I’ve yet to see an episode since I don’t have premium channels. I’m working my way through Battlestar Gallactica with my guy. I had never seen the “new” series (again, lack of premium channels) and the full series is on Netflix streaming. We’re up to Season three now and still have many hours of entertainment left. The themes in the show are pretty standard and somewhat trite at times (parent/child conflicts; we all want to/need to get married and have babies; love triangles, etc.) which grates on me occasionally. As much as I really detested that little worm, Gaius, in the first season or two, his storyline is the most original, at least.

    • I saw BSG pretty irregularly but when I did catch it, I enjoyed it. We’re watching Game of Thrones thanks to a friend of mine who had season one and lent it to us. He also has Season Two ready. Yay!
      Your book review input is awesome, thank you!

  3. OK so much to say here:

    1. book reviews. I want to know if I will want to finish the book. Most books don’t interest this busy mom enough to keep me thinking that it’s worth my time. In addition, I want to know what level the writing is. Is it like the vampire series? Shades of grey? Or are we talking more like Wally Lamb or Hemmingway? I want to know if the writing is terrible. Be honest. I wont waste my time finishing the Vampire books or Shades….

    2. Bacherlorette: whole heartedly agree. Good to set limits. At first I thought you meant the bach TV show, which I’m bummed I missed the first few episodes of. Phew.

    3. I haven’t been here lately. Stallion? Boyfriend? Dating?

    4. Game of Thrones = A+ …. but only saw 1 episode. But it’s a winner. 🙂 DO IT!

    5. Skin care in July? Great idea. I’m doing it too. Thanks!!! I need to get rid of the cracked heels…….. yikes! I swore I’d never become my older sister, but w/ the large pores and dry skin, it’s starting to look that way…….


    • Thank you for your info on book reviews, that’s really helpful! Yes, Stallion is the boyfriend. He moved in a few months ago. I’ve known him for many many many years. Game of Thrones is definitely sucking me in despite some scenes that are not easy. I’m so wimpy! Yes to skin care! It’s July too which makes it a great month to focus on our poor skin

  4. Haha about your daughter. Too cute

    Glad you are liking Game of Thrones. One of my favorites on TV right now.

    Skin care, ugh… I was doing so well with this at the beginning of the year. I need to get back into a routine. I think a bit of stress has taken it’s toll on my face too. Can’t wait to be all moved in and not worry about move dates, catching airplanes, shipping cars, driving across country and everything else that come with it. A couple months from now I hop my only worry is when can I get to the beach.

  5. I am so glad you still love the necklace. I think if I carried around a tote bin of them I would sell them like hot cakes. I am always getting compliments too. I am glad I could be a positive contributor to your defrumpiness project.

    My skin is a mess I have a heat rash and a mishmash of rednecky tan lines on my arms and back. Good subject for this month. Me and moisturizer have a date for sure.

  6. Book reviews = good idea. I like to know if the story is something you would like to believe is true and/or if there is at least one character that you care about what happens to them. Or if it is like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and is over the top nuts but still well done.


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