Beauty Boxes Woo Hoo

Last week, I got two delicious deliveries– one I expected, the other a surprise.

I got my introductory penny box from Julep Maven for one. I’ve already started using the pedicure cream but haven’t had a chance to do my nails in the new gorgeous colors.

The colors are so pretty and perfect for summer time sandal wear. I can’t wait to try them out, I have a feeling they’d go stunning layered together. And hello, I paid ONE CENT!

And then, there was a really cool, big, awesome surprise from The Spanish Professor. She’d left me a comment that she wanted to treat me to a box and I told her she twisted my arm with the Hispanic guilt thing. So I took her up on her offer not sure what I’d be getting or when. Well, I got a very hot pink box delivered to my doorstep the other day and it was packed with goodies.

This my friends is the New Beauty Test Tube. What a neat concept! This beauty box is actually a beauty tube filled with products for you to try and it is delivered quarterly instead of monthly. Each box includes the new edition of New Beauty magazine which is thick and humongous, as well as a smaller magazine telling you about all of the products you received.

The box included:

Mally Evercolor Eyeshadow Stick

Neostrata Exfoliating Wash

Moroccan Oil Frizz Control

Olay Regenerist Sample

Ybf Eyeliner

Memoire Liquide Creme

Memoire Perfume Sample

Skinceuticals CF Feuric and Physical Fusion Defense Samples

Perlier and Elariia Body Creme

Dr. Brandy Bb Cream with Flexitone Sample

$85 in coupons for

What an impressive box. A lot of it was full-sized samples and pretty high-end brands as well. If you’re thinking about it for yourself, it’s about $30 but it’s only delivered about 4 times a year. I really liked all of the variety in it and I was very impressed with the number of full-size products in it.

It felt like a majorly girly Christmas in June for me and I am so grateful to you Spanish Prof for the present. You have no idea what a bad day I was having and to walk in and see this hot pink box of FUN on my table was an easy smile getter so thank you.

I had a really nice weekend. I heard from my kids a lot and they are having an amazing time in New York with their grandparents. Today, they leave to Chicago. I have been crocheting like a beast trying to get this wrap done for the wedding I’m in on Sunday. And I got to hit up a Marlins game on Sunday courtesy of my uncle. I put up lots of silly photos on Instagram. If you’re on there, follow me and let me know you found me!

Stuff like this shows up on there… Happy Monday!



6 thoughts on “Beauty Boxes Woo Hoo

  1. I was thinking about you yesterday as I bought a couple of new lipcolors at CVS. I had to go into the store for body lotion, then decided to check out the Revlon Lip Butter I read about on another blog. They had a tag on the shelf saying that if you spent $10 on cosmetics you got a coupon worth $4 off your next purchase. Hmmm…lipstick *and* a bonus coupon?! That had your name all over it!!!

    I also thought of you when I was at the dentist a couple weeks ago getting my teeth cleaned. I love getting my teeth cleaned; they feel so smooth after the polishing is done. My ex used to get a shot of gas every time he got his teeth cleaned. Whatever works to get you in the door: guilt, drugs, whatever, just go for it! Have you made your appointment yet?

    • That does have my name all over it! I have to check out CVS again this week, I haven’t had a moment!

      Ok ok ok! I called and… she’s closed Mondays. BUT she’s open Tuesday through Thursday AND Saturdays! So tomorrow I will call again and I will MAKE me APPOINTMENT and try not to die. Holy crap I’m already sweaty.

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