De-Frumpiness Project: Update, Thoughts, and June

May is done! How?

It was a water, water everywhere month for me and even the weather decided to join in towards the end of the month! I’m really glad I did it though. I did find it hard to drink water. Actually, I found it hard to just drink. I get so caught up with what’s in front of me I don’t think much of stopping to get a drink– of anything! I just want to move on to the next thing. And stopping for a drink of something, or to refill on a drink of something, or to pee out the drink of something gets in the way of that. But I’m much more open to the fact that it’s a really good reason to pause and that pausing in itself is not such a bad idea.

Overall, I have to say I am really glad I am doing this project. It has done a lot to remind me that I exist too. It’s reminded me that feeling good and looking good go a long way to keep my spirits up. And it’s shown me that it does not take a lot to do those things.

It’s the little things that are the first to go and that’s sensible. But some little things have farther-reaching significance than we may think. Cared for nails for instance. A bottle of water. Parting your hair to the side instead of to the left.

The old me would have taken this project on with total abandon and piled on the debt. Don’t think I haven’t thought of it. I have Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Express, and Target credit cards with zero balances and pretty decent credit limits. Definitely enough to fund a relatively inexpensive make over that’s for sure. But I would’ve done the whole thing in a month and not learned a damn thing. And I’d be stuck with the bills for ages.

Instead I’m moving along slowly and thoughtfully. Yes it’s frustrating some times. My wardrobe is the main source of that frustration for me. So much of my clothes is misshapen and faded from lots and lots of use since I haven’t had much money to spend on replacements. But I do what I can to keep things fun and cute. And I check out the Goodwill every now and then. Also the local Ross and Marshall’s albeit much less frequently than the former.

Anyhow, for June it’s about the smile. I have big insecurities with the smile. Mostly because I’m scared to death of dentists. So scared that I avoid them. So this month I’m working on brushing and flossing way more than I have been doing. I might even start brushing and flossing at work. And I’m slowly working up the guts to make an appointment with the dentist. Yup. That’s a big one for me.

So there you go. Let’s get the summer smiles sparkly. Another little thing that goes so very far. Funny how those work out.

What about you? Have you done any of the projects? Have you found them worthwhile or not so much?


14 thoughts on “De-Frumpiness Project: Update, Thoughts, and June

  1. Oh, yes I’ve been following this project avidly! I may not be totally in sync with you, but you’ve made me think more about things like buying and trying lipstick. I think I already drink a lot of water, but I’m glad you’re giving it a try. Hydration can do a lot towards making you feel better!

    If you’re a bit afraid of the dentist you would cringe at my newest dental challenge: braces. I’m only three months into them and have yet to get them on the bottom teeth. Only 15 more months to go! Gah!

    • I had braces for a short while when I was a teenager. The ONLY reason I agreed to them was because it was supposed to fix my open bite. It didn’t. Now you can’t even tell I had the damn things. Grrrr

  2. Oh gee…I should make an appointment to see the dentist too.

    The last one was distracted and morbid while doing a couple of fillings which didn’t feel right for months after (yes, I should have gone to another dentist right away… but I got busy)… what’s keeping me from picking up the phone and calling the new dentist I have picked out is the thought that I’ll have to pick up my records from the scary lady. I don’t wanna! But it’s probably better to go to the new dentist without records than to keep putting it off. Especially given how much I’m paying for dental “benefits” each month that I’m not using.

  3. You know how I feel about this project. It’s such a wonderful thing to take care of yourself and be as adorable as you can be! I totally hate flossing! I think I will get in on this challenge with you. Smiles make everyone look prettier – plus with lips like yours – daaaamn.

    • Yeah I think the smile is one thing that a lot of people can improve upon. I know some poeple who have the regimen down pat but most people always have a little bit more they can do.

  4. My own (variations on) “defrumping” have been waylaid by non-stop work & parenting… (You know how that goes)… I suppose I shall consider my new site a sort of “defrumping” and for now, call it a day. (But there are soooo many things to tend to… routine, but part of staying healthy. Why does the time go so quickly? How does that happen?)

    • I honestly have no idea. I’m blown by the fact we’re celebrating summer already. I don’t have much time either but I keep trying to do projects that can be easily woven into every day life. And what I’m finding is, it’s not so much a matter of having time it’s more a matter of where in my brain I keep things. If I keep taking care of myself and beauty at the forefront, I think about it more often and therefore I pay attention to it more often and so I act on it more often. There are also things I’ve done to kind of prompt myself visually through the day. I prop my birth control against my toothbrush holder for instance and have the floss next to it as a reminder to floss and brush at night when I take my pill before going to bed. When I was paying attention to my nails, I had nail files and hand lotions always within reach on my desk and in my purse. I kept the water bottle on my desk right up front too. That kind of stuff has helped me in a big way.

  5. Sometimes I wish I had the routine of being glamorous and was trying to break that rather than the routine (or lack thereof) of frumpiness. I find it really hard to focus on myself and when things get chaotic it is the first thing that gets thrown out of the window.

    I do drink a lot of water though, I suppose it is the only thing that keeps me from looking like a homeless person. (My skin gets horribly dry and blotchy when I don’t drink enough water)

    Good luck making your appointment. I have never had a problem with dentists but I have unusually strong and straight teeth, so I have never had to be or wear torture devices. 🙂 I get a new dentist every few years (moving) and they always seem amazed that I never wore braces. My smile is one of my few really good features.

    • I think it’s one of the first things that go out the window for most women with ultra busy lives. That’s why this project has been important to me. If I can spend the year at least keeping things in my crosshairs no matter WHAT life throws at me, I hope to be better at keeping it that way.

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  7. I need clothes badly and my problem is that I don’t like to spend the time shopping for them…and shopping for clothes that fit me well, take time. I thought I found a few cute dresses but then when I got home, I realized they were way too big.

    Take a little baking soda to those pearly whites. I try to remember to do that every couple of weeks. Yes, a dentist is important. I actually like going. I like that feeling of clean teeth after a routine checkup. They are so smooth after they are polished.

    • Yeah I definitely put in more time nowadays with clothes. I don’t mind if it I’m not pressed to find something specific but that’s why so much of my stuff is getting badly faded and worn. Before I just would’ve gone to Express and put everything I wanted on the card and paid down the minimums until I could max it out again.

      I like the clean teeth but I’m yet to find a dentist that doesn’t lecture me and that doesn’t feel like they are trying to milk me for every penny I have.


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