Secret Sisters Sneak Peek

This is the third attempt at writing an update. I start off ok and then meander into dark and gloomy roads and I don’t want to do that right now. I’m trying very hard to stay on the sunny and positive and warm end of the spectrum because I’m hoping there are more answers, solutions, ideas, etc. to be found there than in the abyss.

So instead I’m just going to throw up a sneak peek at the package I sent to my Secret Sister as part of Carla’s Secret Sister swap. It’s been years since I’ve swapped and I’m definitely rusty. My package cost as much to ship as it did to put together. I used to be much better at keeping the shipping costs low. I also felt very unsure shopping this time but I really did do my best. I read her survey no less than six times and I lurked on her blog a lot. Even though the little questionnaires can give you a good idea of the person, getting a feel for them is totally different. I think she’s supposed to get it tomorrow.

By the way, I don’t think I’ll ever use the post office again– at least not without comparing to UPS first. They wanted to charge me almost $10 more than UPS to ship it with NO guaranteed delivery date, no tracking information, and insanely rude customer service. No thanks.

Edited to add: I received word about two hours ago that a box arrived with my mail. A box! How exciting! I said to Stallion (Boyfriend’s official blog nickname) “Take a picture!” and he said, “Of the box?” and I said, “Yes! Of the box! But don’t show the sender, I want it to be a surprise! Well, if it’s what I hope it is, which I really hope it is because I could seriously use a pick me up today.”

So he took this:

Is there a Secret Sister package inside? Or something else possibly not as exciting?

In case you’re wondering, that’s pretty much the most unhelpful picture one could take of a box. I can’t even read the mysterious blue sticker in the corner! I asked if he’d been so barbaric to peel off the address information and he exclaimed rather exasperated that no, he just flipped it upside down. What!? Upside down!? You know what would be super horribly embarrassing? If it was some sort of really mundane delivery that I forgot about or something. Is that blue sticker Canadian? Or British? It doesn’t look Domestic but what if someone is trying to throw me off!?

If it is my Secret Sister package, I promise that I will take proper unfuzzy and very helpful pictures– of the box and even the contents. If it’s not, I will take a picture of me very embarrassed looking.


3 thoughts on “Secret Sisters Sneak Peek

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mutant Supermodel! Your Secret Sister gift arrived safe and sound this afternoon! I am currently enjoying a cup of tea selected from my new tea box, in my new tea mug while still wearing my new apron…I have yet to take it off since I received it! lol I will soon retire to the deck, as it is now much cooler outside than it is inside, to finish my tea whilst reading my new Veg News magazine…a real treat for me! I have yet to use the ‘Nubby Scrubby’ as I see it more as a decorative piece rather than a kitchen or bathroom cloth…it’s just too pretty! I have just finished writing tomorrow’s post on my Secret Sister Gift…do check it out tomorrow! Thank you again…it truly was a beautiful day…for both of us! Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles

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