I Got My Goodies!

Sometimes the universe hears you out and even agrees with you. I was right, the mystery box was indeed my little present from my Secret Sister. Now here is the funny part, my Secret Sister didn’t actually sign the card in the box so I had to do some sleuthing with the information on the return box to figure out who she was exactly. And so I’m going to make you wait until the end like I had to. Ha!

It turns out I couldn’t take a helpful picture of the closed box because then you’d all have my address and I really can’t have unexpected guests you know? But as promised, I took helpful pictures of what was inside the box.

Ooooooooooh, the box is now open! By the way my darling Secret Sister, if there is such a thing as too much purple, I am certainly not aware of it nor am I inclined to become aware of it any time soon.

I pulled away the tissue paper and found this! And then I went, “Ooooooooooh”

A really neat Afghans magazine. A fabulous handmade case for my crochet supplies. A tape measurer key chain. A super cute little scarf (someone’s been reading about my De-Frumpiness project perhaps?). A beautiful ball of yarn. A little packet of Raspberry in Paris Rooibos tea. A gorgeous (handmade too?) necklace. And four postcards from Toronto!

Ok so I’m sure you could call it a knitting case but I’m going to be selfish and call it a crochet case because that’s what I need. This is the case unfolded. It’s genius! It even has a little pouch for a tiny pair of really cute scissors and a really pretty pendant. The little coffee beans are too cute! It’s so happy and so me!

So after I fondled everything properly and realized my Secret Sister’s blogging identity wasn’t revealed, I looked at the return address for some help. The name sounded really familiar and I went to Carla’s original Secret Sister post where she had linked up all of the participating sisters and lo and behold there she was at number 18– Joanna from That Thing I Made. She was familiar because I recently discovered her when Carla linked to her and Susan from Food Allergy Chronicles because Susan (Joanna’s neighbor) had drawn Joanna and left her basket at the door! I think she may have been the first Secret Sister revealed.

It turns out Joanna share a love of purple and the girl crochets too! The thing that sets her apart though is she is one of those super versatile all-around crafters that can apparently do anything.

So thank you my lovely Joanna. You’re a sweetie!


13 thoughts on “I Got My Goodies!

  1. Great package! I love the coffee beans too…..very cute. Now, get crocheting!

    (I bought a little crochet kit for Sassy…wish me luck!)

  2. I’m soooo glad you like it!!! ^_^ After I got home from the post office I started worrying that maybe I didn’t send enough or good enough stuff. The necklace definitely looks handmade but I can’t take the credit. I saw it on my way out of Value Village (I do ALL my clothes shopping for myself there, it’s like treasure hunting!) and the brilliant blue of it just jumped right out at me! The pendant was made by me though with one of my photos. 🙂 Take care and have fun with your new crochet cozy! ^_^ I’d love to see if it fits all your supplies nicely. 🙂 *hugs*

    • I think every single one of us did the same thing LOL I really love it all thank you so much. I wore my scarf yesterday already. And tonight I’m going to organize my crochet hooks, I am so excited about it!

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  4. Aren’t blogging buddies the best? Super cute, all of it. I definitely couldn’t qualify for this challenge as I can’t make stuff unless it involves sheetrock and 2×4’s .


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