Window Shopping

First things first, I had a lovely weekend but it had its price and that is Total Exhaustion.

I bombed the final. I walked in there and realized I left my calculator at work and then I proceeded to blank out. I left 6 questions blank (no multiple choice) of the 25. I was doubtful on a few more. So yeah. That sucked.

But I got in the car I had my little cry and then I went shopping. Didn’t do too badly. I bought a dress for the Communion the next day and Daughter some sandals that fit her for her dress and I bought myself a beautiful purse. I spent about $60 total so I’m pleased as punch.

Communion was beautiful and emotional and my little one looked so big and grown up in his navy blazer and white linen pants. The Ex was there with his girl and his side of the family. And I was fine. I had a huge smile on my face because I was one proud mama and there was nothing they could do to take it off. I even took a photo with Eldest and Ex since the photographer offered. My mom had a really nice brunch waiting for us with a gorgeous cake and I would love to share photos but the camera is at home and I haven’t uploaded anything yet. There is a super cute shot of Eldest and me that I adore. I’d love to blow it up.

Sunday we went to the ice skating rink for a birthday party and that really made me sore and exhausted.

Now it’s Monday. And I have found out my division did NO layoffs on Friday. Unfortunately, it was not because our division is to be unaffected, but because Those Who Are in Charge were given an extension to modify the list of people to be cut or something like that. So back in limbo. The difference is this time I truly don’t care. People are really angry about the way they’ve handled things and I was too but not anymore. Now I’m just too tired and burnt out and I’m so worn out mentally that I don’t even care my life is on pause, I actually welcome it as a breather.

Anyways, my little shopping trip did give me a case of the wanties so I thought I’d have fun with it and window shop. Make it my Top Ten Wanties List in case someone is clueless for Mother’s Day but mostly because I want to and it can be fun.

Top Ten Mutant Supermodel Wants

  1. Vogue Knitting 2012 Crochet— It comes out tomorrow, it’s $7 and it’s chock full of gorgeous projects.
  2. Betsey Johnson or Betseyville– First of all, never ever anything full-price from her please. The purse I bought myself was actually a Betseyville purse but I got it at Ross so I paid nowhere near retail. As much as I love Betsey, I’ll leave it to other girls to pay her retail prices. I’ve seen her jewelry marked down at places like Nordstrom Rack. Betseyville purses are always to be found in Marshalls and Ross. And lots of her other stuff can be found in those stores too. Her shoes usually end up in DSW or something like that. I’ve even seen her clothes at Marshalls, the pajamas and undies at least.
  3. Shoes— I need shoes in the worst way– especially the basics. I love some good old fashioned pumps, closed toe or peep toe at most. Anything bigger and I feel like my toes are sprawling out over the edge and it’s gross. But I also like flats and would like more of them– especially the ballet style. When I say the ballet ones I mean the ones with the elastic all around the opening of the shoe that you can scrunch up the shoe and stuff. Love those. The other ones almost always end up hurting me.
  4. Hair Stuff— I would love some hair stuff. Clips, barrettes, pins, combsbands, whatever. I find myself leaning more towards romantic styles like pin-up, flapper, or bohemian. The girlier the better really.
  5. Lush— Freaking Lush. I miss Lush so much. It’s one of the first things that went out the window when the money evaporated. I used to indulge in something from Lush every once in a while. Now I can’t even remember the last time I reveled in their yummy bath stuff. When I was really into them, the main product I would buy was the bath bombs. Something about those products, and other bath products really, just make me want to be sure I set aside time for a bath. When I got super frugal and stopped buying myself the bath stuff, I stopped taking baths too. Showers only. That is so not like me. Whether it was a bubble bath or salts or oil, I would draw myself an amazing bath all the time and melt into it with a book (or even knitting swear to god) after the kids were in bed. Of course, I’m not a bath elitist. I don’t really care if it’s from Lush or not, if it’s a bath product I’m super happy. It’s just that Lush is for me the ultimate in luxurious bath time spoilification. And since this is a top ten not mediocre ten, there you go.
  6. Jewelry Holder(s)— The last time I had a legitimate jewelry holder it was the bright red jewelry box the thieves easily snagged off my dresser and took with them a few years ago. Bastards. Now I know better and keep my good stuff carefully hidden all over the place. But the thieves were smart and they left behind pretty much everything that was costume. And since I don’t have much money, most of the jewelry I have gotten since the robbery has been costume as well. This means, I have a lot of costume jewelry. It’s mostly thrown in a drawer. I also have some of it in a tea tin, some more in a little glass container that I think is meant for cotton swabs or something, and strewn on the dresser. So a cute jewelry holder thingy, or three, would be great. And you know what? I have seen so many adorable versions of this sort of thing, I’m not linking to any examples because I’ve thought they were all adorable.
  7. Tops— When I changed sizes, the first thing that had to go was pants. Pants were downright painful to wear because they were too small. When I’ve shrunk in sizes, they’re embarrassing to wear because they’re too big and slip down all the time. But the one thing I cling to for dear life is tops. What a mistake. Not that long ago I finally caved and bought a few tops in my new size, a medium, and was astonished. They looked so pretty! Well at least the more adult tops, the bigger ones. The tighter cut t-shirts need to be a large. For t-shirts I like the funny and cute graphic ones more than your typical plain tee. Bonus points if it’s nerdy or geeky or whatever. And despite the fact I bought a few tops, it was five and five tops isn’t enough. So I would love to move away from my too small stuff and into my more flattering bigger stuff. That’d be great.
  8. Frames— I love art, I really do. I have some artwork and photographs stashed in my storage closet waiting for frames. I even have enough kid-friendly art to make them an entire kid art wall in the play room. But I need frames. In all sizes, even those funky ones like 10 x 14 or 11 x 17. I even need a big movie poster frame for this great Curious George poster I have. So yes, frames. Frames would be fabulous. I don’t care about style or color because I mix it all up anyways.
  9. Accessories— I had a lot of fun this year with the Accessories Month in the De-Frumpiness Project because it really took me out of my comfort rut zone. So I’m totally open to accessories of all sorts. Scarves, pins, bracelets, necklaces, whatever. I would also tie in make up and nail stuff into here because to me, it’s the whole package. You know those Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips? I’d love to try them. All that kind of stuff is awesome to me. Heck I even need makeup brushes in a bad, bad way. What can I say? This happens when you neglect yourself for years.
  10. Crochet Stuff— I really do love to crochet and it’s something I intend to hang on to forever. I love the portability of it and the neatness of it when it’s in progress. I love the finished products. I love the flexibility. I just really love to do it. With crochet, all you need is a hook and some yarn. I’m not picky about the types of yarns. I can always use more hooks. All sizes, all types. I’m happy and carefree that way. And of course there’s extra fun stuff in crochet like crochet hook cases. And there are some great crochet books too, in addition to that amazing Crochet magazine issue up there at the top spot.

So there we have it. I hope you had fun window shopping. It’s so fun to just look at pretty stuff some times. What are your Top Three Wanties right now?


10 thoughts on “Window Shopping

    • Well it’s all wants really. But the ones I need the most are the clothes and the shoes. Those are what get top priority when I get gift cards and stuff like that. I’ll keep perusing Goodwill for the tops. Sometimes you can get good stuff there.

  1. Ditto on Lush. That was also one of the things I ditched when I went into nazi house payoff mode. It’s amazing though how I haven’t thought of them in a long time. It’s much cheaper to do a big bag of epsom salts from walmart and a few drops of essential oil. I haven’t been too girly lately. I miss it.

    • I forget and then something happens to remind me. Like I walk through the Macy’s to get to another part of the mall and have to pass the counter. That hurts. This time, it was my friend. She was excited because she treated herself and she told me about it. 😦 I miss being girly too. I’m trying!

  2. I made a vow not to buy another piece of clothing until I loose weight. So what did I do? I rushed over to Francesca’s and bought a sexy top! 🙂 But it was see-thru. So I rushed over to Vicki’s Secret and bought a matching bra that was twice the price of the shirt. Then, since the bra was this crazy florescent pink, I desired a pair of matching undies. That shade (or brightness) of pink is very new for me. Well, the whole deal cost more than I care to share, but I have to say, it looks stunning on me. Would look even better tho if I were 20 lbs lighter. Shopping was fun, but now I truly do have to limit it to windows only. And my wish list? Anything in a size – “not-so-big”…. that would be nice. 🙂

  3. I love this version of windowshopping! Thanks, it was fun and scratched that itch to buy something. What a great idea.


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