I think it’s safe to come out now

I think I’m alright and survived this round. My boss just told me I could wait until Monday to do something and I’m leaving in fifteen minutes to take my final.

I’m breathing a little deeper but still have my guard up.They haven’t done any cuts at all in the division and the two bosses are getting together now at the other office so they might do it together. It’s all so very confusing.

I’m anxious about the final. Studying has been close to impossible and I feel like everything is evaporating. I’m trying so hard to focus and retain but it’s not working too well. I think I’m just going to spend the next 15 minutes winding down and then I’ll review again on the train and when I get to the school.

After I’m done, I think I’m going to get in the car and cry like a baby. And I need to do some shopping tonight so it’s gonna be a battle keeping it in check. Wish me luck.



6 thoughts on “I think it’s safe to come out now

  1. You’ll do great! You got two 100s so far, right?? Just relax and remember that since you understand it all, you don’t have to completely memorize everything :). Try and take 5 mintues to relax before taking the exam to get yourself in a more zen state!

  2. I always spent the last few minutes (30) sitting in the classroom, sitting quietly and not studying. Okay, maybe it was in the hall. My last minute studying was listening to the people who did not study or who were panicked, asking each other questions. I never studied the last hour or so before an exam, because if I did not know the answer by then, studying more did not help me…lol. If I could not answer those questions students posed to each other or to me, I ripped open my study notes and found the answer. Maybe this is too late. Maybe you already have another 100! Try to relax and realize you have done your best so far.

  3. You will do wonderfully….your other tests prove it! And I keep my fingers crossed and good mojo coming your way on the job. I know how it feels to have things in lingo and it sucks monkey butt, espeically when your the provider for your kiddos. Lots of love to ya!

  4. It’s so hard not to worry about stuff like that when it’s out of your control…You know you can’t do anything to help your job situation that you haven’t already done by being a good worker, but you still can’t help worrying and wondering and being in limbo. Good luck.


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