Brain Dump: Self-Conversation

Feeling a little chatty so I thought I’d pop on here and whip up a quick post since this blog is pretty much my way of talking to myself but super elaborate and the voices that respond are not of my own creation (I don’t think).

We got letters from the President of the University and the Dean of the Med School yesterday. There’s also stories in the local paper. Big cuts are coming in May. They won’t speculate a number but the rumor mill says 10% to start. That’s about 900 – 1000 people. Unfortunately the focus will be on administrative positions and unfunded research. The latter doesn’t apply to me but the former does. They’re looking for redundancies. My position could arguably go either way depending on who’s looking at it an how.

Honestly? I’m fine. Yes I’m a little nervous. But mostly, I’m really ok. I’ve had the belt tight on spending to help keep bolstering savings. It’ll stay that way. I should get the last steady payment of child support this Saturday.

Some people feel I’m jumping the gun on that one because the ex hasn’t outright told me he’s not going to be paying me, but that’s his style. He doesn’t warn you of anything, he just does or doesn’t do something. He has told me that yes he saw the website he needs to pay at and it looks super easy, no problem. Of course that doesn’t mean diddly squat. So I’m saving and saving and saving.

I can’t seem to get back into tracking spending. Funny enough, I’m spending less though. At least, I have more money left in my accounts than usual.

Summer Camp costs are up. This has me a bit conflicted. It’s more than I have currently saved up but if there was no change in child support, I’d be fine by June which is how I planned it. Everything is such a toss-up. I can freak out about it or I can not. Thinking about it makes me want to freak out a little bit because so many unknowns are so overwhelming.

School’s almost over. Last test before the final was yesterday. I think I did ok again. Felt good at least, familiar. We review tomorrow and that’s it, class is over. The final is next Friday. I want to care about it but I’m burnt out right now. We had two tests in less than three weeks and it was overwhelming.

We have a busy weekend coming up. But a lot of it is cheap and/or free entertainment so I’m excited. We’ve got a couple of birthday parties and we’ve got a baseball game that we got $1 tickets for through a family event the university did. Even includes free food. Oh and the local theater is having a free showing of a children’s musical too. They offered it to everyone on their mailing list and I snagged us seats.

It’s so weird how events happen in clusters. No birthday parties for ages and then you get like six in a row. My family’s huge birthday season is summer. I end it in the middle of August and then we get the holidays.

I’m really happy with the response the handmade PIF got. If you’d like in, two of my recipients have posted it on their blogs and need takers. So go check out A Windy City Gal OR Momma and the Misters and snag one of their spots and then keep spreading the love!

It’s time to go. See you later alligators!


9 thoughts on “Brain Dump: Self-Conversation

  1. I have been attempting to comment over here for EVER! And this is the first one that goes through. I know everything will work out in your favor with everything going on right now; I can feel it. I will be channeling the good juju your way as I continue to do with every post you write. *thinking of you*

  2. Limbo stinks..but at least you know what you need to do. Buckling down and knowing how to is awesome. Think of all the skills you’ve learned these last couple of years. You’ll get through this for sure.

    • Thanks Sandy. I don’t handle unknowns well and I’m vulnerable to overthinking because I want every possibility covered. Exhausting. We’ll know soon. Some people are saying it’ll start as early as next week.


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