Mutant Supermodel gets Hair-larious

You should know that just now I was at my standing desk dancing to M.I.A.’s Paper Planes (Diplo Street Mix) and because I’m behind my desk I had kicked off my heels and because I was dancing I tripped on them and because my chair was directly behind me I collapsed straight into it. That’s totally chuckle-worthy right?

It’s Friday. It’s Friday and I had such a horribly stressed out day yesterday that I am forcing myself to let go and relax and be silly and lite and total fluff. I’m not even going to be mysterious. I’ll just come right out and tell you that yesterday sucked because the people I work with in Office #2 filled me with complete panic about my job security. The university’s medical school has been adversely affected by the calamity that has beset our city’s one and only public hospital with which we are closely affiliated with. This is of course trickling up and per the rumor mill the administrative jobs are under close scrutiny. Some people insist that doesn’t include mine and some people insist it does include mine and yesterday I was with the second group and though I’m not proud to admit it, they totally got to me.

Now after having several hours away from that atmosphere I’m not so panicked anymore and am more in my original attitude towards the whole thing– I do think I am safe because the project I work for is very lucrative, I am the only admin that is fully funded by the project, and I do have something to do with the project’s profitability although how much those in charge would be willing to acknowledge that is not something I can really guess at. If the opposite is true and I am not protected by my project’s profitability, then it’s true– I am the most likely to go because of lots and lots of reasons. And even though that sort of makes me sad, it’s not really fazing me. It’s just a sign that something in my logic, something in my plans, isn’t right and I have to fix it and this is one way of correcting that.

But back to fluff and stuff right?

On Monday I asked you guys what to De-Frump next and 50% of the voters chose Hair. I’m actually kind of happy about that. My kids go on spring break now so I actually have a week of mornings with more time. I also got a haircut last month and have been enjoying playing with it.

So bring out the hair products and the accessories and put away the scrunchies and banana clips (none of us actually have those right? Ha. Ha.). Let’s figure out how to use these bobby pin things. Let’s look at some hair tutorial videos on YouTube. You can be edgy. You can be feminine. You can be pop. You can be rock. You can curl. You can straighten. You can poof. You can smooth.

If you’d like to play along this month, I’m going to encourage you to share photos. And I am going to give you LOTS of ways to do that ok? So if you do something with your hair you are happy with, send it my way via:

I know a lot of you are camera shy so I figure this might be fun because you can take lots of pictures of hair without showing your face. I know it sounds wrong, but trust me. Have fun with it this month, let’s go a little crazy. Send me photos of hair-related things that inspire you. Send me before and after photos. Send me links to hair tutorials. You know that fantasy that guys have of a bunch of girls at a slumber party doing each others hair in their underwear? Well it’s kind of like that except we’re all on the internet and I’m guessing most of us will be fully dressed but you totally don’t have to be if you don’t want to be.

I’ll kick it off by showing you the collage I put together and took with me to the hairdresser last month for my hair inspiration. That way you can see that before you see how my hairdresser actually did and how I’m wearing it.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Mutant Supermodel gets Hair-larious

  1. How befitting….I am sitting in the hair salon right now….getting my purple and pink highlights. Already talked to the stylist about going for an edgier cut.

  2. Love the hair look in the middle photo (in the coral dress). Just a little messy, but not too much. (I’ve been trying to get that cut for ages! Sometimes it comes out. Sometimes, not so much. I just hacked off about 2″ myself yesterday… The price is right… And in Spring, who doesn’t want a lighter, easier cut?)

    Not sending any of my pics… But looking forward to yours.

    • I love that one too, it has the right amount of curl in it too. There’s a wedding I have coming up that I want to try and get that look for and I’ve got some curl product thing to try.
      Off with the hair!

  3. I’m soo excited to link up with you on this April Challenge! I will make sure to send mojo your way via my blog as well. And will for sure send along some pics to your email if I find that I actually do something lovely with my hair. Yay! This is going to be a fun month! 🙂

  4. Okay, I’m getting my hair done this week. I do spend a fortune on my hair to get it colored, so I think I’m good there, but I should pull out the curling iron and do a few different things.

  5. That’s a great style… easy going & (fairly) easy! My hair is stick straight and uber long… I keep saying that i’m going to cut it, but never do. Hmm… maybe I just need to do it and get it over with!? lol!! Excited to see what you do!

  6. I get an official haircut once a year. Mike cuts it for me and he hacks it all off. Friday I pulled out the scissor and started cutting pieces here and there. I’m lucky because you can’t see if I cut a big hole- I just fluff it over! My youngest does the color- my hair is a family affair!
    I use to spend lots of money on the color and cut but it was so rare to find someone that wouldn’t make me look like a poodle. I gave up and gave my hair over to Mike. I’ve got gray coming in crazy like. I’ve gone from color ever 3 months to every month!

    • I used to have major issues with hair cuts. Then my old boss took me to his (very expensive) hair stylist. And she did an AMAZING job. I went to her constantly for a long time. Now I’m going to another expensive salon (not as expensive as her though) and they do a GREAT job as well. I end up getting a hair cut about once a year too. Maybe twice if I’m lucky. No color yet!


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