What to De-Frump Next?

I have to admit, March was pretty fun for the De-Frumpiness Project. I discovered scarves in a really big way and now my eyes keep straying to the scarf section every time I walk into a store– especially at Target. Have you seen the scarves at Target? I bought my goddaughter a gorgeous sunny one for Easter. No, it’s not the one I wanted for myself (and did not get) but it was close! Notice these scarves aren’t the ones I could crochet or knit for myself so they are extra tempting.

I also rediscovered jewelry but I’m sort of stumped on a better way to organize it that doesn’t put my jewelry at-risk for theft. After my whole collection of jewelry was swiped a few years ago, nicely stored in my red jewelry box I might add, I have struggled to find a system that works well for storing my jewelry in a safe way but also encourages me to use the jewelry. Right now all the fake stuff is strewn in a dresser drawer plus tucked into various trinket boxes on my dresser and even shoved into a tea tin in my bathroom. Not to mention all of the little pieces piling up besides the bathroom sink. All the good jewelry is hidden of course.

But now it’s April and I’m once again beginning the month with no idea where to go with April. SO what do YOU guys want to de-frump this month?


5 thoughts on “What to De-Frump Next?

  1. I think your de-frumpiness project is rubbing off on me. I actually bought a red rain coat and a red dress recently. (Gasp!) It’s not as if I hate color, but I usually stick to blues and greens since they almost always look good on me. Red is trickier, but I found a few shades that work well with my skin/hair color and luckily they are around this time of year.

    Shoes are going to be hard, though. I have to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking and work with my inserts for plantar fasciitis. No heels of any kind for me, and especially not the chunky ones that seem to be in this season.

    I really suck at accessorizing and don’t much care for jewelry of any type. I tend to wear the same versatile earrings every day. Scarves are OK, but my repertoire for draping/tying them is limited. I’m knitting a simple shawl that should go well with my new red dress and since it is part silk it should drape well, too. Wish me luck!

    • Yay I’m glad to hear it!! I found an awesome video on scarf-tying that I’ll link here for you. And btw I love red clothes. I think it’s a misconception that red is only for certain people. Red is gorgeous and looks fantastic on everyone– especially as an accessory. Shoes are a problem for me too!

  2. Oh man, I want to defrump everything in April. I need to get a haircut (so my hair actually looks decent when I style it). I need to polish my shoes and replace a few pairs that have bitten the bucket in the last 2 years. I need to have a couple items tailored so they actually fit my proportions with the clothes I wear them with. I need to sit down and actually figure out which garments actually go together so that I don’t end up at work looking in the bathroom mirror going “wow, these two items really shouldn’t be worn together…”. I need to start wearing the right shoes for an outfit rather than just grabbing whatever is by the front door.

    Wow, I really am frumpy.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt, I’m going to start working on this.

    • We’ll work on it together!! I blame my daughter and my boyfriend for the kick in the butt. They didn’t say anything to me but they always put time and effort into their appearance and it shows– in a good way.

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