Grand Finale: 31 Days of Lipstick

Today ends my first mini-project of my ongoing De-Frumpiness Project. I started off with something fun and easy and light– 31 Days of Lipstick.

The goal was easy to define– wear lipstick every time I went out for 31 days. Now that it’s over, here are my thoughts.

It was easy to remember to wear lipstick when I: was going to work, was leaving work, was going to school, was going out with my friend who was playing along with me, and when I went out to an event.

It was hard to remember to wear lipstick when I: was spending the day in the house, was going out somewhere not special with the boyfriend, was running errands, and was stressed out.

I love the texture and smell of lipstick. I love the way it shapes and changes with constant use. I love how simple lipstick makes being bold. I love the ritual involved with putting on lipstick. I love the way it gets left behind when you kiss someone.

I hate how fast it disappears and how it disappears from the center out leaving you with a lipstick ring of doom which means reapply, reapply, reapply.

It made me feel pretty and feminine but also made me self-conscious of my teeth and smile which was a side effect I was not expecting.

It made me realize how much sexuality we attach to the mouth. I can’t tell you how awkward it was for me to photograph my mouth and not feel the photo looked suggestive. The one with the straw was particularly trying. Either I have a hyper gutter brain or I am being pillaged with sexual imagery concerning the mouth way more than I would ever have imagined.

This one was a fun little activity I highly recommend anyone feeling under the weather or less than desirable should undertake. Lipstick is a shot of color into your day. It’s also a quick and tiny “me” thing you can do– and cheap too if you rock CVS the way I do.

For February, it’s all about the Fingers and Toes. I have a very bad habit of tearing my nails, cuticles, even nail polish. This includes my poor little toes. Instead of going fancy and committing to going to a salon for the manicure/pedicure treatment, I’m committing to just maintaining nice fingers and toes. All paint is to be applied by me and will consist of the lots and lots of nail polish I already own unless I am able to snag up some free or super cheap polish at CVS during the month. I have to stop the habit of tearing and peeling. It’s gross and it’s painful. If I need to get my nails down to size, it’s either cut and/or file.

So that’s it for me for February– simple and clean nails. If there’s paint I have to keep it looking nice or take it off. No scratched up or smudged polishes. Anyone want to play? If you’re on Google+, circle me here. I put most of the updates to the De-Frumpiness Project on there. Otherwise, I’ll post every now and then on the blog and you can update me on your blog too!


15 thoughts on “Grand Finale: 31 Days of Lipstick

  1. I only wear makeup when I go out. I tried to start wearing something for work, but in the morning, I only want to get out of the apartment before I convince myself that going back to bed is actually a good idea. I’ve never felt particularly sexual with lipstick. Eye-makeup, on the other hand, is a completely different thing. Even if I am wearing mascara and nude colors I feel like I have elevated my sexiness quotient a few levels.

    • Eye makeup makes me feel pretty but lipstick makes me feel sexy. Funny how different things work in different ways for different people. I usually apply any makeup in the car or on the train. Like you, I have to get OUT of the house.

  2. Fun, fun, fun!!! I wear a full face of makeup every day – even if I don’t leave the house! I especially love my fake laaaashes but I also know that it’s a habit thing and I’ve been doing it for so long there’s no way I’d break the habit now! Lipstick is way fun and there are a few brands that stay on for a long time, even through eating and drinking. Nails are way fun too! Lately I’ve been getting super silly and painting them alternating colours haha. Right now they’re black and pink. The down side to always being so ON is that living out here in the woods I am always the most dressed up person at the kid’s school or at the grocery store or whatever and even if I’m looking at some lady in the post office in her PJ pants like ‘what, you couldn’t get dressed to mail a letter?’ she’s looking at me like ‘what, do you think you’re hot shit or something?’ Haha, you know what I mean?

    You have lovely lips, by the way!

    • I so thought of you when I was coming up with this De-Frumpiness thing because I knew you’d be the one person who doesn’t need it at all!! I’ve done alternating colors too. My daughter especially loves that. Thank you, I’ve heard they’re a nice shape. I’m clueless!

  3. I admit – I love my makeup. Always have a little on the eyes, and gloss on the lips. More importantly, a dab of perfume. Can’t help it. Love it. Feel better with it!

    What fun – the experimentation with the lipstick! (And you never know who you might encounter who could find it, well… compelling.)

    BUT, February for the fingers and toes?

    Personally, toes I’ve got covered (usually appropriately painted). But fingernails? Too many hours on the keyboard, not to mention doing laundry, washing dishes, picking up this or that. I wonder how I managed to have beautiful nails years ago.

    Oh right. That was before marriage and children.


    • Yeah I’m finding anything outside of clear polish is getting difficult to manage nicely. I applied color on Friday and have found a chip already so tonight I’m taking it off and going back to clear. That being said, the clear polish makes a huge difference and is super easy to maintain. Even easier than lipstick in that you only have to reapply every couple days. My toes get neglected a lot but that’s good too because they don’t get damaged much. Polish lasts much longer on there then on fingers.

  4. My biggest complaint about lipstick – okay, two biggest complaints – 1) upkeep; 2) taste
    It’s too much work to remember and I am not crazy about the fact that I can taste it. But I may just have a bad attitude.

    Nails….that’s a good one. I should go trim and file mine right now.

  5. Lipliner is a good substitute for lipstick and it doesn’t rub off as quickly. I just use it all over. It doesn’t feel as nice, but it does the trick sometimes. Your lips are gorgeous. They deserve to be highlighted and be put front and center.

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