Work in Progress Wednesdays: The Afghan

One of the things on The Plan is to finish my mom’s afghan. I started this afghan last August but that I promised her back in Christmas 2010.  So even though I haven’t been actually crocheting it for as long as I thought, it’s still a long time coming.

I know I don’t have a lot of yarnies on here so I won’t get into the technicalities of it. I will say it’s a really interesting pattern done with two strands held together and a really big hook (love those). I also love the way it’s coming out and want to have it all done already but it is a time consuming project. While many people who know me and watch me crochet tell me they’re amazed at my speed, I know compared to most regular crocheters I’m a total slow-poke. The pattern is complete when the little curly things and the little diamondy things (non-technical terms in case you were wondering) are done a total of four times so I’m not even halfway through yet. Also, now you’ll know how close I am to finishing it even if you don’t know anything about crocheting and you can nag me.

I don’t know that I will do a Work In Progress Wednesday update every week but I would like to do one when I’ve made some decent progress. So if you don’t see one for another month, please harass the hell out of me. It would be awesome to have this for her Mother’s Day present.

Are you making anything right now? Tell me!!


29 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesdays: The Afghan

  1. Loooooove this. So so so pretty! Blankets always kick my ass. I’m a total keener when I cast on and then like 3 weeks later when I’m still knitting the same thing I’m all ‘OMG just be done already!’ haha, I’m not a very patient knitter!

    I’m knitting a pair of socks called ‘Flying Arrows’ I’ve been doing a bunch of other random crafty things and haven’t been knitting as much so these socks are taking approximately eleventy billion years to finish.

    • I’ve decided this is the year I knit a pair of socks. Seriously. I feel way overdue and I have really cute sock yarn just sitting there. I knit ONE sock once upon a time using the magic loop. That was a few years ago though. We shall see!
      I’m not patient at all either.

  2. I love the pattern! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it done. I am trying to do one now that has hearts in the pattern but I have had to frog the whole thing twice already.

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  4. That pattern looks very pretty and complicated. I too can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Man, you just reminded me of all the unfinished crochet projects I have. 😦 Maybe I should put one on my list of things to do for 2012.

    • You have a lot of those? I try and keep the number of projects I start down to a bare minimum and really try and finish what I start or abandon them entirely. I have another blanket that’s been a WIP for well of a year, it’s made with granny squares. I might pick it back up again once this one is done.

      The pattern isn’t too complicated, but it’s meaty enough to be interesting.

    • My mom had an ancient throw and she wanted one to replace it. I picked this pattern out of a book. I am not so talented to design one myself, not this pretty and complicated at least. And now that I’ve been working on it, I really want to make myself an afghan as well. I want to make one for everyone! They’re soooo cozy.

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  6. I have so many unfinished and not yet started knitting projects, I started a seperate page on my blog to list them. I’m hoping that I can work my way through my yarn stash this year.
    Love the afghan by the way. 🙂

  7. Like so many others, I seem to have a serious case of “startitis” going on. In the past three weeks I’ve started a new sweater (Vitamin D, a pair of socks ( in a luscious sock yarn blend that includes some cashmere, and a new cowl. All of these items are for myself, so there’s no guilt in not completing them soon; I’m the only one who’ll suffer as winter finally gets really cold up here.

  8. Love the blanket. It looks like a tough pattern but I’m completely intrigued on how you’re getting all that great texture with crochet. I love it!

    And seriously, connecting squares sucks! I think that is what stops every granny blanket from being finished! 🙂

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