More than halfway through

Well, that’s a wrap! School is out until 2012. Of course it ended with a bang.

Daughter had a fever at school, came home, puked on the porch, and kept nursing a low-grade fever. And Eldest came home and struck up his own slight fever. This morning neither had fever, Daughter was bouncing all over the walls ready to go, and Eldest was lethargic and didn’t want to do anything.

So he stayed with my Abuela and the other two went to their Christmas show and party. Good times. They looked insanely cute.

Then I came to work and I’m so sleepy and so tired. I just want to go home and sleep. Story of my life don’t you know?

I had really wanted to spend some time this month thinking about next year. I wanted to come up with some sort of plan and sub-plans, a lot like what Jacq recently talked about actually. But thinking is apparently not a priority. I’m reading a lot and I started crocheting because we need some winter stuff for the Virginia trip and why buy a ton of stuff if I have a bunch of yarn on-hand anyways?

So my nights remain filled with brainless work and the world keeps whirling by and the days keep evaporating. Nine bloody days until Christmas. Ten until I pack in the car with my three children and my two parents. Fifteen more days of 2011ness to get through.

And then?

Well it starts over at the same time it starts anew. Same shit, different year?

God I hope not.

I am not a fan of more of the same, please. I’m not the person who ever orders The Usual. But really how much change is too much change? Some stability, some sameness is saneness too. I think.

The money stuff? You know, whatever. It is what it is. I’m not going batshit crazy tracking everything and it hasn’t even blown up in my face. Amazing. I update when I can with what I can and to hell with anything and everything else. My bank account isn’t even totally terrifying. It’s not freaking exciting either but it’s not some depressing thing I have to contend with.

I still collect the coupons and I check the lists before venturing out. But again, I’m not going to hold off buying something I need or even really really want because it’s not on sale or because there’s no coupon. I still try to get at least one but I’m not killing myself either when it doesn’t work out that way.

It is what it is.

Like a lot of other stuff too.

I’m reading Rabbit, Run. Believe it or not I haven’t abandoned the dream of 60 books this year even though I’m missing like 7. You never know. The only thing that’s tripping me up is I’m reading a bunch of books about a bunch of dickheads (pardon my French). And next up is Lolita because it’s one of the shortest ones I have.  I’m tempted to give myself some breathing room with a couple of the Rick Riordan books my son has gotten recently that I haven’t read yet but why?

Do it like a band-aid baby.

It is what it is. I’m saying that a lot lately. Still unsure if it’s good or bad.

I think I may have mentioned that the angel that sits on my tree has been in my family since, well 1983 if the year inside her dress is an indicator. She’s really pretty but this year, her lights died. And when we went to change the bulbs, the housing components literally crumbled into dust. So I bought new LED lights (99 cents at CVS). Now I have a vintage angel with a modern touch. It makes me happy I was able to do that for her. For us too. She’s a pretty little thing.

Anyhow, how are you holding up? Are you high on Christmas? Are you having yourself a Grinchmas? Or are you just coasting through, letting it all flow however it may?



17 thoughts on “More than halfway through

  1. I think I am learning that my finances don’t have to be exciting. I don’t have to rock every month and some months are allowed to be worse than others. I kinda feel like there is a good balance there and boring is a good sign.

    I am having a coasting Christmas. It’s been nice and not overwhelming.

    My husband heard “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in a store the other day and said, “They should only play the Elf version, it’s the best.” I have to say I do love my Zooey. Yes, she is mine and I love her. I don’t care how creepy that sounds.

    • For me, the goal is to get to a point where my finances are the most boring thing in the world. I want them to be a non-issue. The money comes in, it goes here, here, and here, and the world keeps turning.

      It’s hard for me to grasp Christmas is truly around the corner. I know it and yet I keep thinking there is an extra week. Somehow.

      Elf is my favorite Christmas movie in the world. Zooey is fantastic. I’ve liked her for a very long time and I’m happy she’s all popular now. Good things come to those who plug at it!

  2. I’m just letting it go as it will go. Que sera, sera. Can’t get too excited about stuff, but can’t let myself get too pessimistic, either. Elf is one of the all time best Christmas movies, I’ve decided. That scene is one of my favorites. That and the one where he puts the star on top of the tree…

  3. Que sera sera here too. Maybe I’ll think about Christmas once the grading is done. Tomorrow I’m taking DC shopping for DH’s present (twizzlers, most likely) and I’m hoping Santa can unobtrusively sneak some candy and a watch into the cart for the stocking.

    My parents will arrive sometime this week. They’re very easy-going, so we’re not stressing about it. DH’s parents arrive after Christmas and they’ve got their trip completely planned out. I’ve arranged two weeks of babysitting/daycare, the first at DC’s preschool and the second at the local museum. Hopefully we’ll have some time to sort things out then.

    Good luck with 2012! I think you’re in a better position than you were this time last year, and that is all credit to you!

    • Yeah I hope you can catch that break too. It’s necessary!

      Thanks for the nice thoughts. I am looking forward to 2012 in a cautiously optimistic kind of way. I feel closer to achieving something and not so at the bottom of the well.

  4. I’m with everyone above – kudos to you and the kids for making it through the year in one piece and with your sanity intact. Single parenthood at the age that your kids are at is always a process of constant triage. So I hope you have at least some time to just relax over the holidays.

    Grubbing over every single penny is crazy-making and can lead to long term neuroses anyway IMO. 😉

    We’re going to have a quiet Christmas. I’m buying a huge honking puzzle, saving up a couple of bottles of wine, some firewood and some movies saved in the queue for netflix. It’s all good.

    • A puzzle sounds great. I love making those. What do you do with yours when you’re done?

      One of the larger plans I’m working on is how to transition to a more automatic financial system that requires less work by me. I think I have a clue as to what to do but I’m not really sure yet. Still toying with the details when the brain clears.

      I actually don’t really know what to expect for Christmas after 12 PM. The kids’ dad picks them up at that time and I believe the Boyfriend will be with his daughter. I’m guessing I’ll be doing a lot of prepping for the trip. Cleaning and packing, that sort of thing.


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