November Freedom

Ok, so we’re almost ten days into the month and I’m finally getting around to set some goals. Things are still so very busy at work and my home life has also been gaining speed. So really, I’m going to have to force myself to construct just a few goals again. But some are better than none.

Of course there’s a soundtrack and even though I was sorely tempted to go with November Rain, Free as a Bird is just way more in line with where I’m at right now.

November- Financial

Track Expenses: I had a hard time doing this last month because of how busy I was. But I felt very anxious without it at the same time. So this month, I’m back on it and I have found the most perfect solution to my problem of when life gets too busy for expense tracking– Expense Manager. This little app is absolutely marvelous. Yeah it’s not as sophisticated and detailed as my Excel sheet but as far as logging my expenses so I don’t forget them? It does the job beautifully.

Savings: I haven’t been so good at this either and I think it’s because I haven’t really done many solid numbers and also because I do impulsive things like sending snowballs to the credit cards. I have to put a stop to that until I have the $2700 I need to pay the registration in the beginning of February. So my goal is to put $1000 away in savings this month. Yes I know Christmas is around the corner. Christmas shall not be fancy this year, end of story.

Christmas Budget: I need to make one for real. I’ve already bought a couple of things for Christmas and even though it’s way past the time to get this figured out, I need to do it before the real shopping gets started. If not, I know I’ll just end up using the money I need for the Registration and I can’t do that to myself.

My Motto

November- Personal

Garage Sale: I am having a garage sale this Sunday even if it kills me. And I will have purged my house in preparedness for it. What doesn’t sell is going in the Murano and down the street to the Goodwill donation center. So help me, I am this close to emptying my whole house on the front lawn.

Books: I need to get back on the book thing if I want to meet my goal of 60 for 2011. Or at least, get close. I have 49 read books right now so I have 11 more to go. I’m frustrated because through the year I’ve been way ahead of target and in the last couple of months, I got derailed. Some of it was due to being overwhelmingly busy but also, it just wasn’t a priority either. I’ve been playing way too much on my Android phone when before, I would’ve spent that time reading instead!

So, there’s my November. What about you? Small-time? Big-time? No-time?

P.S. I am more active on Google+ right now than any other platform. I’ve acquired the access to a Brand Page for Mutant Supermodel but I can’t figure out how to mess with it from the phone and that’s a primary thing for me so I’m not going to link to it just yet. Once it’s all pretty though, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


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