October’s Over

Whew!! I’m back from the insanity that is my annual conference. Of course, now begins the super tedious work of tying up all of the loose ends but I’m allowing myself a breather here and there.

Believe it or not, keeping my list of goals for October short and sweet was a pretty smart move I made there. I’ll do a quick recap but I haven’t really thought much about what I want to do this month. I will confess I am super cranky about anything that requires responsibility and sacrifice right now. That means things like coupons and expense tracking are getting nasty looks from me and I’m doing a lot of mumble grumble stuff when I think about them. I’m supposed to do groceries tonight and… I don’t wanna!

I’m still ridiculously tired and sleeping huge amounts when possible. Maybe my November goals will come to me in my dreams? Ok enough of the silliness– how did I do with the October list?

October Financial

Car Repair Bill- Paid the $220 balance. We’ll see what new problems crop up this month with that whole thing about the engine floating in mid-air. Check!

Bigger Than Usual- Mixed Results. This month was total chaos and the money flying out of my wallet was no exception. I ended up paying almost $500 this month in things related to the kids’ school and extracurricular activities. Cra-zy. Really the only thing I didn’t pay from the Unexpected/Forgotten/Bigger Than Usual List was T-Mobile. I’ll be paying the T-Mobile balance this month in two parts because it ended up being over $400.  *vomit*

Cash- Check but this ended up making my life way more stressful than I thought. Why? Because I didn’t count on not having time to update my expense tracker. And I think receipts are allergic to me because they tend to run away and hide when I need them. You can’t have receipts be allergic to you when you’re using cash. It’s a huge headache if you want to know what’s going where which I do.

October Personal

Do not have a mental breakdown- Check! My kids don’t hate me, the Boyfriend didn’t dump me, my co-workers are proud of me, and my bosses aren’t looking for ways to fire me. And I think maybe some of you are still around.  I also did not end up in a mental ward. I did end up on a massage table so that might have been part of the solution.

Dance- Well, I didn’t finish the five week session but not because of me! I actually went to four out of five and the fifth was cancelled because my instructor is out of town. It’s actually been AWESOME. My fourth class, no one else showed up so I got a private lesson. Instead of finishing the Level One Routine, she thought I might be ready to start some Level 2 stuff and we ended up going through all of the Level 2 tricks. I had a blast! I have one groupon class left and am scheduled for a Lap Dance class this Sunday so I’m calling this one a CHECK. I really can’t begin to tell you how much fun I have been having and how awesome it’s been to get to dance once a week. The pole has been super challenging and has worked me out top to bottom. Look into this in your neighborhood!! I am actually trying to put aside some money to purchase a block of classes. If you buy 20 classes they only come to about $10 a class which is pretty reasonable.

And that’s everything I had on my October list. I’ll be back soon with November and it might even have music to it!


11 thoughts on “October’s Over

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful, if stressful month!

    What I did when I used to track cash was to write it on an index card / post it note that I had in my wallet. If I didn’t do it right then and there, it didn’t get done. I didn’t bother with a receipt. Maybe there’s some kind of hybrid tracking you can do though that doesn’t require that at all. Like do you need to know the spending for all categories? OTOH, sometimes it’s easier to do everything rather than some things.


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