I’m alive, I swear it. This isn’t a robotic Mutant, it’s really truly me.

I’m swamped and will most likely be an absent figure until November which sucks because my bloggy birthday is this weekend I think and I wanted to do something fun but I guess I’ll just have to swing an Unbirthday Celebration or something instead.

My expense tracking is totally falling apart on me and it’s stressing me out. I have had NO time to update it and when I do, it’s usually a week late and I’m missing all kinds of pieces to the puzzle.

Also my car is falling apart. The mechanic saw it on Saturday and said something about motor mounts and the engine is floating in mid-air and everything is off which is why it’s acting psychotically. I just need it to stay somewhat together until next week when I move into the hotel.

I’m exhausted and I miss the interwebs if that even makes sense.

Must get back to work now because I’m drowning in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this conference gave me my first gray hairs 😦


14 thoughts on “iLive

    • I don’t have any just yet– knock on wood. But I’m 31. It’s sort of inevitable no? I actually don’t mind. I’ve never dyed my hair and I’ve pretty much said I won’t dye it until I start going gray and THEN I’ll have a blast playing with colors.

  1. I felt horribly terrible for you until you mentioned you have no gray hair….all sympathy gone! Just kidding, hang in there, good things and bad things come in bunches; good is on the way.

    Oh and happy Bloggy Birthday!

  2. Happy Blogging birthday too. You’ve had a hell of a year or writing. It’s hard not to feel obligated to write all the time, but most of us will still be here when you get back. I took a little break when I was hitting the burnout stage, it was good for me.

    See you in November.

  3. Drop all the plates you need to in those crunch times, it’s amazing how many of them survive the fall. Happy blog birthday – you’ll be raring to go in year 2 which is a good state to be in.


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